35th Anniv Seeking Production Number of 99GT-LE

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  1. I know some time ago there was someone who could give a breakdown of each VIN#. How many with certain options/colors/etc. But not sure who. I became the
    2nd holder of the VIN# information I gave you. The colors about evenly split between coupe and vert. There were 515 white L.E. GT's.

    35th Anniversary Edition Pkg
    Total Production: 4,628
    Coupes 2,318
    Convertibles 2,310
    Performance Red 1,555
    Black 1,299
    Silver 1,259
    Crystal White 515

    There was an explosion at the plant in 1999, effectively shutting the plant down. Consequently, fewer 1999 Mustangs were built overall than they intended. As you can see below it cut into production quite heavily.

    Mustangs built in 1999 - 126,067
    Mustangs built in 2000 - 218,067

    See article.

    Explosion At Ford Plant Kills Worker - The New York Times

  2. Ford Plant - Thanks Jason

    Hi, Thanks for the information on the Ford Plant explosion in 1999. It was interesting to read..and it did impact the production that year.
    I have had some calls and emails regarding my car... I don't think these are real Mustang lovers...because they don't understand the Limited Edition or the rarity of a 35th Anniversary mustang. People just keep quoting Kelly Blue book for a 99 Mustang. I will hang in there. Have a great weekend. Debi :D
  3. thank you

    Hey thanks for the site regarding pricing on my 35th anniversary car, I think if someone gets it for the 10,000 they are doing awesome, especially according to that pricing. Have a good day. Debi Mentor,OH
  4. i was looking for production numbers for my mustang

  5. Mine is a white 99 le I got from a friend. I got it for $6000. The a/c did't work and the rotors needed replaced. I worked at a parts store so I got it fixed. Then my intake cracked and my wondow come off the track s they are getting fixed now. Mine had 140,000 miles when i got it and had every option but didn't come with the commerative set that I know of. I am the third owner and the original owner may have kept it. The friend bfore me used to play softball so he drove from knoxville, tn to florida several times a year so that is where the miles come from. he got it at 3x,xxx miles i think. it is a 5 speed hardtop.

  6. Your GT is # 3881 of 4,628 built in 1999. I would agree that is a reasonable price you paid for your GT. Mileage and all that needed to be replaced.

  7. i don't think it was too bad either. i doon't know what the compressor and window will cost but working at the parts store I have about 400 in a lifetime warranty brakes and intake so i will never have to buy them again and putting it on this time. I got rid of the car before the stang so I really consider only having about 5000 in the mustang. But i got a question. the abs light is on and i don't have trac control has anybody else had this prob and what did you do to fix it?
  8. I have the same problem. I bought the car with the ABS light on. I took it last year to a shop to have them read the code. He said he could not connect with ABS module. Sounded expensive so I left it alone, so if anyone has any advise my ears are open.
  9. hey i actually just found 2 more 35th's can you tell me the prod #'s please
    white coupe $11,900 18,500 miles ny
    red vert 61,000 miles $10,900 oh
  10. 1FAFP42XXXF168037
    also white
  11. sorry about all the vins, my dad is looking for one, he is wanting an auto vert, but i am gonna show him what i found so far, lol
  12. 1FAFP45X3XF206056
  13. See additions below...

    hey i actually just found 2 more 35th's can you tell me the prod #'s please
    1FAFP42X8XF220295 # 4037

    white coupe $11,900 18,500 miles ny
    1FAFP45X3XF151155 #137

    red vert 61,000 miles $10,900 oh
    1FAFP42XXXF168037 #1315
    also white

    1FAFP45X3XF206056 # 3508
  14. Its a 1999 Roush Mustang built from a standard GT. Not a "Limited Edition". Roush did a couple of "LE's" in 1999....Saleen did too.

  15. Same as everyone else. I'm interested in finding the production number for my 99 Gt Vert 1FAFP45X3XF205473.

  16. Sorry, but your GT VIN# is not listed as a VIN# for a 1999 "Limited Edition" GT.

    There are several clues that will let you know if you have a true 'Limited Edition" GT.

    Easiet one is the 2 tone silver and charcoal interior with silver bezel insert and door inserts.

  17. New Owner of 35th Anniversary Edition

    I was hoping someone could help me with finding out the production number of my 35th Anniversary. VIN 1FAFP45X7XF189987 I'm glad I found this website, as it has been great with being able to glean interesting facts about the car, but I dont know how to go about getting the production number.

    I bought it back in July 2008, with 8800 original miles on it and it is absolutely awesome.

  18. Your GT is number #2777 of 4,628 built according to VIN#