35th Anniv Seeking Production Number of 99GT-LE

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by RosesGT, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    I'm a new member with hopefully a true 35th anniversary limited edition coupe in peformance red. I bought it 4 years ago from first owner.
    It now has 91,000 miles and it's still in great condition.
    Because I was looking for the production number, could you please confirm via your database?

    VIN: 1FAFP42X2Xf173149

    Thank you in advance,
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  2. Yep its a true "Limited Edition" # 1788 of 4,628 according to VIN sequence.

  3. Thank you very much !:nice:
  4. Production number for 1999 Mustang GT Limited Edition

    Anyone able to provide the production number for my Limited Edition Mustang GT Convertible? I can view the tag behind the headlamp but there are too many numbers compared to the stats on how many were produced. My VIN is 1FAFP45X6XF170069 .
  5. While I cant personally tell you what # it is, member " Vorhees" will be on soon & he will let you.

    Welcome to the site fellow Performance Red 'vert owner :nice:
  6. PM sent. Glad you found us here. Post up some pics.

  7. Can someone provide me with the production # of my 35th I bought a few years ago? VIN is IFAFP45X5XF195237 Thanks and pics will be up soon.
  8. Your GT is #3072 of 4,628 according to VIN sequence.


  9. Awesome Thanks!
  10. I recently purchased a 1999 Performance Red Ford Mustang GT 5 speed 35th Anniversary coupe in MINT condition with only 62,000 miles on it and was wondering if anyone could help me find out what production number mine might be. My VIN # 1FAFP42XXXF201635. Any help with this is GREATLY appreciated.

  11. new member ... I've owned my '99 since new ... it's number 3703 of the run. Black 'vert with a stick.
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  12. Jason,

    Do you still have the vin build data for 35th Ann Mustangs? I've been looking for 3 years and finally came across a link that sent me here. My VIN is 1FAFP45X7XF189987. Hopefully you still monitor this forum as I see the last post was in 090. Thanks in advance.

  13. Your GT is #2777 of 4,628 built according to VIN sequence.

  14. Love your car! Mines the same!

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  15. Hey sent request for you to pull my production number could you see?
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  16. hope you enjoy yours as much as I've enjoyed mine ... I've added a few mods to personalize it since that picture (which was taken about 10 years ago)
    is your car sans hood scoop?
  17. good question! did not notice.
  18. Hi! We live in central PA and just bought a silver 35th anniversary convertible with 11,000 original miles. I was wandering if you can tell me the production number. The vin # is 1FAFP45X6XF205709. Thanks
  19. Where at in central Pa?