35th Anniv Seeking Production Number of 99GT-LE

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by RosesGT, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Nice, I'm in Montoursville
  2. HollyandDale, #3462 of 4,628 built according to VIN# sequence.
  3. Hi Voorhees, I sent you a PM I'm not sure if it worked? I'm a noob!
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  4. Hi voorhee. Im new to forum. Are you still giving out production numbers on 35th LE mustangs. I sent a pm but dont know if it sent or not. Ive been searching high and low for what number my 35th is. Hope you can help. Thanks
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  5. See replies.
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  6. Hello Voorhees I am new to this site I was wondering if you could tell me what number my 99 mustang gt convertible black 35th anniversary edition is the vin# 1FAFP45X2XF158288
  7. Big daddy pix??
  8. It's a work in progress it is the car in my profile pic I got her for a $500 pistol
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  9. Big Daddy, Your GT is real "Limited Edition" #700 of 4,628 according to VIN sequence built in 1999.
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  11. Hi jason. I have a 99 35th anniversary mustang coupe and I want to know the production number.... and was wondering if you could help me...... my vin is1fafp4040xf167519
  12. what kind of pistol?
  13. Hey looking to get my vin checked.
    Vin: 1FAFP45X8XF189447
  14. I know 515 crystal white 1999 limited editions were produced. Does any one know how many of the 515 where convertibles vs coupes?
  15. 50/50 split or close.
  16. Hi Jason, would you be able to tell me my production number as well? Thanks, Mark