Seen on "World's Wildest Police Chases" tonight..

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  1. In Pinellas County, FL, a sheriff spots a car on the hot list: A white Ford Thunderbird Turbocoupe.

    He flashes his lights, the Turbocoupe floors it.

    (Cut to cop giving interview clip) "The Turbocoupe is.. A fast car"

    (Back to chase) the cop warns him over the PA to give up - No good. The TC pulls around traffic, forcing cops to do the same - By the time cops get around it, he's a dot on he horizon. But this sheriff has a performance car too..

    (Cut back to interview) "I was driving a 1993 Ford Mustang SSP - 5.0, upgraded suspension, brakes, everything.."

    (Back to chase) The cop catches up to the TC real quick and gets on his PA again "Can't outrun me buddy, I got a 5.0!" The suspects soon bail out and run on foot, and are soon caught.

    Thankfully no one was hurt, and the TC was not wrecked!
  2. Thats pretty funny. Now had he done a few decent mods he would have smoked that 5.0
  3. Heck yeah!

    California used the 5.0 and built them to chase down the Porsche's. They actually called the 'Porsche Catchers'. They used the notch-0backs, as they were [supposively] the lightest and most nible.
  4. Bah....5.0 owns theifs in TC :p
  5. Why is this on tech and not talk :shrug:
  6. thats a great show....
  7. Why dont the auction that car off on here?
  8. Cocky turbocoupe driver, figures just becuase he could beat up on the 5.0 police car...he could pull over and out run the 5.0 in his nikes. Pride comes before the fall they say.
  9. But those were t3/t4 hybrid nike sneekers with air.
  10. i heard he was running 15 psi on those pump nikes. he started pumping too hard though and blew a line.

  11. This is my favorite part of the whole story...I really would love to hear a Cop scream this through a P.A. system during a car chase. Does anyone got a link on this because I would love to see a 5.0 chasing a TC. I persoanly got dibs on the TC my self since it was built for open road racing unlike a 5.0L :rolleyes: I really don't care if the 5.0L is was/is built for Police use either.