Selecting An Aftermarket Tuner Package

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  1. Selecting An Aftermarket Fox Tuner Package

    Since there are several tuning software/hardware alternatives for our cars, it would be nice to have a comparison sheet of the common options.
    Here is a list of what I am currently aware of.

    Due to post size limitations on Stangnet this post will deal with EEC-IV tuners only. For information on stand alone units see post below.

    I have not verified all of this info, so if you see an error please let me know.
    If you have some info that should be added please let me know and I will update this post.
    Please respond with any info you can add, especially for the non TwEECer options.

    Fox EEC-IV Tuning Alternatives

    TwEECer - This seems to be the most common route taken by Fox Mustang tuners. The TwEECer comes with all necessary hardware (a J3 "chip", and a 5 position tune selector), as well as 2 software programs. CalEdit is the program that is used to modify the tune. CalCon is the program used to create datalogs.
    CalEdit is different from most tuning software in that it creates its own file type; .ccf as opposed to the industry standard of .bin. The original files placed on the computer by Ford were .bin files, and other tuners have not changed this, except the TwEECer. This does make the TwEECer files incompatible with other tuners. Not a big deal in most situations.
    CalEdit and CalCon are both free to download from the downloads page of
    A user manual is also available there as well.

    EECEditor - This is a tuning software similar to CalEdit for the TwEECer system. Datalogging is not possible, but it can be used with other hardware packages, and is free to download from here Datalogging is not possible.

    TunerPro - This is another free to download software from here Datalogging is not possible.

    PCMX - This software is not free to download, but has a reputation for being very powerful. Datalogging is not possible.

    Moates - This company builds hardware that is used to burn custom chips that can be plugged into the J3 port. Moates seems to recommend the use of TunerPro or EECEditor. Datalogging is not possible.

    EEC-Tuner -
    The manual can be viewed here

    FAST -

    SCT - I currently know nothing about this system.

    PMS - Taken from here
    Overview: The Programmable Management System, P.M.S., is a plug-n-play system that works with your stock processor. The P.M.S. goes far beyond the capabilities of a performance chip, offering a broad selection of adjustments and tuning. Now you can take advantage of aftermarket performance components while still using the stock engine control computer. The P.M.S. offers a user-friendly interface with a large variety of options.
    Latest News- Anderson Ford Motorsport has introduced the PMS system for the modular motor vehicles along with new data logging software, InterACQ. Also released is the PMS Upgrade for pre-04 models. A new chip, new handheld, and manual is included in the upgrade.
    Information Source / Company Response- The information was supplied by Troy Chapman, co-owner of with input from Brian Koestner and Rick Anderson of Anderson Ford Motorsport.
    Approximate Cost
    1987-1995 Mustangs $857.00 or $1,057.00 w/ Low Impedence Driver
    1996-1998 Mustangs $1,077
    1999-up Mustangs $1,077
    1999-up Lightning and Harley Truck $1,077
    Plug-in Low Impedence Driver $249.00
    3-bar MAP sensor for boosted applications $85.00
    Pre-04 PMS Upgrade $249.00
    Optional Hardware:
    AFM/EFI wideband sensor kit $549.00
    InterACQ for Windows $269.00
    InterLOG for Windows $175.00
    Anderson Ford Motorsport (888) 715-6487
    AFM is the exclusive dealer for the Programmable Management System and with the purchase of the PMS system you will receive a free start-up tune.
    Each P.M.S. system comes with the P.M.S. purple box, wire harness, hand-held monitor, 9pin serial cable, user manual, and data sheet.
    The InterACQ and InterLOG come with software disc and user manual.
    The Programable Management System plugs inline with your stock processor and the handheld controller uses a seriel cable that plugs into the PMS box. Essentially is a "plug-n-play" set-up.
    Hardware Designed for
    Stock mustang or 1000+hp Mustangs
    Special Features
    Programmable Management System
    · Global fuel adjustments.
    · Air temp and water temp fuel and timing adjustments can be made from –40 degrees to +250 degrees.
    · TPS voltages are now adjustable, which means you are able to set Idle and WOT voltages.
    · Easier to use controller with adjustments down to 500rpm increments starting at 2000rpms.
    · All engine data is displayed on one screen with the new handheld controller.
    · Start-Up fuel controls to help hard starts on cars using 42lb or bigger injectors.
    · Air fuel mixture is fully adjustable.
    · Idle mixture and timing is fully adjustable.
    · New Standalone Control, which overrides the stock processor giving the PMS full control where the rev limiter can be moved up to 9900rpms. Standalone Fuel and Timing adjustments can also be controlled independently as low as 2000rpms.
    · Total spark and rate of advance is adjustable.
    · Built in Two-Step rev limiter.
    · Two programmable RPM/Throttle Output accessory control switches.
    · Tunable nitrous oxide adjustment table.
    · Tunable Supercharger or Turbocharger timing and fuel adjustments up to 30lbs of boost.
    · Plug-N-Play installation
    · Installs in less than an hour.
    · New user-friendly manual and controls.
    · Comprehensive PMS control, data acquisition, and Standalone Design and Editing.
    · Automatic connection and triggering for racing.
    · Logbook to keep track of data runs.
    · Customizable monitors (i.e. wideband 02 sensor)
    · Data logging only features of InterACQ.
    There are two datalogging programs that the work with the PMS, the InterACQ and InterLOG. These are window-based programs and uses the 9pin serial cable to connect to the laptop, also a RS232 to USB adapter can be used. The InterACQ offers datalogging and more detailed control over the PMS settings. The InterLOG is a datalogging only program.
    Additional Items Needed
    Nothing else is needed. You can purchase the AFM UEGO 1000 wideband kit and have the PMS/InterACQ display and datalog wideband readings. The UEGO 1000 kit is $549.00.
    You can contact Anderson Ford Motorsport through their tech line (217) 935-2384 and you can download all the user manuals from their website.
    Additional support can be found at

    Accel - I currently know nothing about this system.

    Below are several support programs you may want to look into​

    EEC Analyzer - EA is a software program that will guide you through what changes should be made. EA can be used to analyze any datalog and is not specific to any of the tuner software. It can be downloaded here The creator of the software (Clint Garrity) is very active in helping his customers with EA, as well as helping anyone to better understand the Ford EEC-IV. Cost is $50, and worth every penny!

    SnEEC - This is a datalog hardware and software package. The SnEEC plugs into the factory main wiring harness in order to create datalogs. The package does not come with editing software; this is for datalogging only. More info can be found here
  2. If any one has info that can be added please do so.

    With so many options out there it would be nice to have a standard way to compare the tuners.

    Just make a post with any info you have and I will keep the first post updated. :nice:

    Credit will be given where it is due.
  3. I wondered how long it would take you to find your way in here Millhouse. hehe How did you go about tuning your turbo setup?

    This system here has been peaking my interest over the last couple of months.

    Holley Holley Commander 950
    Vendor/Reseller: Fonse Performance, Summitt
    Latest News- 1/1/04 Holley introduced the Pro s/w as the standard for the Cmdr950
    Information Source / Company Response- Dennis Moore / Fonse Performance
    Approximate Cost
    Cmdr950: $880-1050
    MAP Sensor: 1 BAR included (2+3 BAR are $52 and $134)
    Narrowband O2: 3 wire heated O2 included.
    Wideband O2: Any standalond WBO2 can be added.
    A new Batch Fire ECU which can mount in place of the stock one or where desired. Additional wiring or vehicle modifications are required. Comes with new Main and Injector harness for cleaner look. The system requires the use of GM coolant, air temp sensors (included) and a GM IAC (Does not support PWM IAC) The ECU has a configurable Ignition setup. Will work with TFI distributors, aftermarket distributors, Hall effect systems or crank trigger
    Windows based, state of the art graphical software via serial cable to a laptop. The Cmdr950 software is universal so if you friend has one, you can use their laptop and download your map. Startup calibrations provided at no additional cost.
    Hardware Designed for: Has been used successfully in anything from a 225hp stock Mustang to a 1600hp race car.
    Special Features
    All special features come standard out of the box. You don't pay extra for anything. This includes, Single pulse or Dual pulse per revolution injector firing sequence, TBI control, Closed Loop WBO2 support, Internal Datalogger, Fan control or 2 user selectable outputs via any RPM, TPS or MAP value, fuel pump control, knock sensor feedback control, Decel Fuel Cutoff, Programmable Load and RPM scale for best resolution of boosted engines.
    Onboard 512kb Datalogger · 1Dedicated coil outputs · 2 General Purpose Outputs · 2 Definable Switch Inputs · Full Idle Control for stepper motors · Definable Knock Control
    Yes, comes standard out of the box. You can datalog any sensor in the system and 2 additional analog inputs. Includes software to analyze your datalogs. You can datalog directly to a PC or datalog onto the onboard memory on the Cmdr950 and then download it later. You can also control when the datalogging automatically comes on or off based on any of the parameters selectable
    Additional Items Needed
    If you are using low impedance injectors you will need a low impedance driver box.
    Support Hotline, call Holley Tech Service direct or vendor support, very comprehensive installation/tuning manual for every feature included w/ system.
  5. Thanks for the link! I'll be doing a lot of reading it looks like.