Mach 1 Selecting the Right Intake

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  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking to get an Intake for my car. In the past I had bought the K&N aircharger which turned out to be no good due to the Elimination on the MAF Screen which caused to car to stall after hard acceleration and lights. If enyone could make a suggestion as to what intake would work nicely with the car and maybe even provide a link as to where they got the intake, it would be a great help. Another question I have is, would anyone suggest I bring my car to a shop and get a dyno tune once I get an Intake...Thats for the help.
  2. definitely check out the C&L or the JLT.
  3. People are talking alot of smack about how the [email protected] is junk. Sounds to me like they don't know how to install it and have it dialed in when they go to a dyno to get it tuned with their Predator or other tuning device. I put my [email protected] in lst week and it runs smooth. The idle is smooth as glass and it has'nt stalled yet like what happened with my [email protected] CAI ALL the time. I'm going to get my [email protected] tuned in on the Dyno tomorrow to get the A/F dialed in correct, and play with the timing also. It should run even better after that. :nice:
  4. :stupid: I was one of the first to go with the complete C&L Mach 1 package, air box to throttle body, last August. I haven't had one problem with this setup and I'm running a 75 shot of nitrous through it. I think some people just have no clue what the hell they're doing, and screw the install up, although it really isn't rocket science.


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  5. My experience with it exactly. I can't see from your pic, but do you also have the C&L 85mm MAF housing?
  6. I have the complete C&L with 85 MAF housing. Absolutely zero stalling issues, smooth idle and can feel a SOTP gain. It was a great addition to the Prochamber midpipe and LM1 catback. I would recommend strongly. :nice:
  7. Yup, it's in the sig. :nice:
  8. Well, I got my Mach dynoed today, and with my only new mod being the [email protected] 85 MM MAF and the Inlet Tube, I gained 3HP and 3TQ, which is'nt great or anything, but when I factor in it does'nt stall anymore like my [email protected] CAI did, and the idle is smooth, and the response seems quicker, then I'd say it was worth it. I'm sure that with headers, or Nitrous, or a blower, you would probably see better results, but I'm still happy with it. :)
  9. Here's a dyno of my car with 2000 miles on it with a K&N filter vs. C&L/K&N combo. Needless to say it made my car way to lean. If your running rich the C&L will make more HP by leaning the car out, if your about right or a hair on the lean side watch out.
  10. Wow, 3 whole HP - I'm so impressed. :rolleyes: One day you'll get a clue and realize the C&L MAF is simply an expensive aluminum tube that leans the motor out. A good tune can do that more effectively, safely. What exactly do you think this C&L MAF is doing for you, besides leaning the motor out?
  11. Other than the reasons for liking it already listed, any major performance mods made in the future, I think the [email protected] will be a benefit. For now, my Mach is running the best it has in the short 9 months I've owned it. :)
  12. 294 HP @ 6200
    308 TQ @ 4250

    Not with a C&L MAF, rather a C&L MAF housing. It will allow more airflow in, with the obvious result being a leaner A/F ratio. Good tuning in my case has put this higher flow to use while keeping the A/F ratio at 12.5 - 13.0.