Sell Cobra for C6 Vette?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Loco5.0, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I would have a C6 right now, but the dealer I had worked out the price with last summer decided to bait & switch on the trade I had at the time.

    Anyway, I still want one. I got my Cobra earlier this year. I have gathered parts for it and have an S-Trim, LTs, etc sitting at home waiting to go on & get me to a safe tune of about 450 WHP until I have money to slap a built short block in there.

    I think we can all agree that the C6 is a far superior car to my Cobra without dumping a TON of money into the Cobra.

    I'm looking to sell both my cars as of right now. I could sell the Cobra & parts now, bank the money & keep saving until I have enough to pay for most of the C6 in cash. (I don't wish to finance a lot of it & have 2 big car payments at once) or I could keep the Cobra & slap the parts on it next year & probably end up selling it for a C6 eventually b/c I'm always going to want one anyway & losing more $ after all that work on the Cobra. :nono:

    I'm estimating that it will take over a year to save enough, on top of what I sell the Cobra for, where I feel comfortable buying the C6. It's going to suck not having a toy for a while, especially when I am disappointed in the Genesis, but I'd live. I'd keep the Cobra till I saved said money, but it's only going to go down in value. :eek:

    I went to a couple Ford dealers over the weekend to see about getting out of the GC & into a 2011 5.0 as a DD, but I can't get enough for the GC. I'm not rolling over a few grand into a new loan when I don't have to. So the GC is up for private sale.

    I also had the idea of putting the GC on ebay in an auction (What I'd do w/the Cobra at this point) & seeing if I could sell that for my payoff then I could perhaps keep Cobra & replace GC w/C6, but I doubt I'd get what I need for the GC right now. :notnice:

    What say you?
  2. Good info here.
  3. The Cobra is on ebay.
  4. Get the C6.
  5. Wow really, you know i ripped my azz off looking for a sn95 cobra but around here in houston all i could find was gt's (good condition cars)
  6. sell the cobra and buy an 03-04 cobra. FORGET the vet (this is coming from a chevy person). .......... i LOVE MY 68 ELCAMINO SS 396 but my 04 cobra swapped gt has got to be hands down the fastest most well mannered car I have ever had the pleasure to drive