Sell OR Trade - My 1966 Mustang Coupe

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  1. First off, i want to say that i am currently looking for nice 00-04 mustangs, or an 05+ GT mustang in ANY SHAPE (even salvage), so if you know of any, or where i might find either, please, let me know!

    --I'm building this Ad as i go, just wanted to get some word out about it in case anyone is shopping around. More information and pics will be put up in the next few days, along with special requests--

    PRICE: Not decided, going to shop around the internet and see what other stangs are going for with the work i have done.

    TRADE: I'm looking for any 80's/90's muscle car.

    -=Contact information=-
    +name: James
    +phone (cell): 949-322-5149
    +email: [email protected]
    +location: Los Angeles, California
    Don't be afraid to call or text me about finds/inquiries/requests.

    I just finished restoring a 1966 Mustang coupe, and i'm not sure if i want to paint it or not (to try and leave options open for the buyer). It's professionally primered black with a paint gun, no spray cans involved. There is little to no rust on this car, none that is serious.

    The car is located in Southern California.

    -=Main Details=-
    +289 v8 rebuilt
    +New upholstery
    +New suspension/control/steering arms all around
    +Aftermarket power booster/brake kit
    +Straight and dentless exterior (ready for paint)
    +All factory body, no aftermarket body pieces slapped onto the car

    coming today or tomorrow, if you have a request feel free to message me or post it here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.