Sellin the stang

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by 93redone, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Welp, I've decided Im going to sell my car... Im just gettin tired of a car and we already have 7 vehicles here, all insured, and all run...and none of em is mine but 1 and that's the stang, I think Im gonna let it go and get a jacked up toyota tacoma ('99), because the winters here are brutal, my mom and dad both drive the 4wd vehicles and the others, well there very taken care of...56 Ford and a 79 CJ-5...So anyways, it should be gone in about a week or so.. but I will still be hanging around here... So long Ford Mustang, welcome to my hood 99 tacoma with 6" lift on 35s :hail2:

  2. Ack, chit I thought I was in talk :damnit: :doh:
  3. Well that sucks.:damnit:

  4. yeah dave, i hate to give up lil ol 2.3, but ya'no winters are bad as hell when they actually hit here, and I aint got nuthin to drive :shrug:
  5. well i come home and dad said "Hand me the keys" and I seen her drive off... :bang: :( , well shiit happens, I still got pics to remember her by...Rest In Whole 93 Notch :flag:

    I will always remember you as my first car :banana:
  6. I know...its gone, but what can you say... Im only 16 so i'll have another stang in due time :-D