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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by allcarfan, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Selling what I have...Prices in paranthesis are what I paid


    1966 mustang coupe Including:
    No engine, no trans
    cowl replaced ($700)
    Great interior, including headliner, new door panels, and seats($400)
    Dash pad removed and smoothed
    Good glass - no windshield though
    Rstyle Front Apron with removeable chin spoiler($200)
    California Special decklid with moldedin end caps ($500)
    New 4.5 leaf mid eye leafs ($200)
    Cal-Trac Traction Bars ($350)
    Edelbrock IAS shocks ($200)
    Powdercoated trans mount($100)
    Clean underside
    Replaced floor pans($700)
    Scotts Hot Rod Adjustable front suspension...coated silver ($2500) -see for explanation
    Chromed Manual rack and pinion (no steering shaft)($350)
    17x8" Chrome Bullets with Kumho 225/45 in front and Nitto 555R 245/45 in rear ($1500)
    9" posi rear with 3.50 gear($500)
    GT rear valance ($150)
    Chrome rear bumper($150)
    Large, Aluminum$300)
    Holley Blue pump and regulator($150)
    New gas tank...powdercoated chrome($150)
    Back half of car is primed
    Doors are on, but need to be fitted
    Fenders on, but need to be fitted, along with the rest of the front end (all grills, headlights, buckets, housings, etc included...just need a hood
    Need motor mounts
    I am sure that I am missing a few things. I have nearly 8500 invested, not including the car itself....

    $5200 OBO

    331 Stroker
    Ross 9.1:1 compression pistons for TW heads
    Hbeam rods
    hawks racing crank
    Block was bored and hot tanked and notched for stroker
    DSS PRO girdle and windage tray
    ARP bolts throughout
    TW heads with upgraded springs
    XE274HR camshaft
    MSD Probillet Dist
    Edelbrock RPM Intake (carb)
    Powdercoated Timing cover
    Noisy gear drive
    Cobra valve covers
    Misc gaskets
    Engine balanced to 28oz
    28oz SFI flexplate for C4 trans
    New Harmonic Balancer
    Scorpion Roller Rockers
    Chrome 7qt front sump oil pan

    Some parts were bought slightly used, most are brand new. Engine has never been started. Should be a torque monster. I am sure I am missing a few things in the listing.

    $4400 OBO

    Race Prepped C4
    Reverse Manual Valve body
    B&M Hammer shifter
    3000-3500 TCI stall converter
    Trans has a few passes on it...went 10.8X
    Oversized trans pan
    B&M trans cooler
    Braided trans lines
    Powdercoated (slightly scratched) bell housing


    Exhaust for 65-66 mustang with C4
    Custom made 1 3/4" longtube headers, ceramic coated...brand new: ($700)
    Dr Gas, never welded
    Hooker Aerochamber
    set of GT style polished tailpipes

    $600 for all...I paid over a grand for this and its all new

    I think thats it for now. As you see, I have 4 "packages" for sale. Will NOT seperate any of the packages. Everything will go on Ebay in a few days. Giving you all first crack at it. Any questions, just let me know. Feel free to post on every board you can think of. I can send pics of some items. Engine is nearly done being built, hot rod front suspension is going in next weekend.

  2. if car does not sell within 2 weeks....I will be parting EVERYTHING out seperately that is listed for the car....suspension, cooling, wheels, tires, EVERYTHING listed.

    Keep an eye out
  3. price for car as listed:
    $4400 - $2800 w/o scotts hot rod front suspension

    $3200 for Engine thats ready to rock and roll

    Exhaust and trans packages prices stay the same.
  4. added a few pics :)
  5. Dude,

    What's up?
  6. Eh,

    Things happen. I am such a perfectionist, that it is going to take more than I can afford right now to finish the car the way that I want to. If it doesnt sell, I am either going to part it all out or I am going to finish it so it is a good driver, but not an all out show car...who knows. I really hope to sell it.
  7. I hear you, good luck in any case....
  8. If it comes time to part out in pieces, what would you be looking for the deck lid with spoiler and end caps?
  9. decklid and endcaps cant come off. the end caps are molded into the body.
  10. If it gets to the point where you are parting it out. I would be interested in the motor and possibly the rear end, I have a 67 so I don't know if it will work do you have dimensions on the rear?

    What type of #'s where you shooting for on that 331.
  11. I am interested in a few parts as well; headers, x-pipe, tranny support, rear suspension parts....
  12. sorry...couldnt find a buyer for the car, so, I am finishing it.
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