selling stang for another

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  1. i am selling my car on ebay, i am picking up my new one tonight. it is a 95 laser red gt with a 5.0. it has a red/black two tone interior. i have never seen a two tone with that color combo, has anyone ever seen that? i am excited for a new toy to build. here is a link to my auction,

    i am curious to see what this auction will go for, what do you guys think? peace
  2. It says it has a '90 motor in it. But the pic shows a carburated engine. Did you go from Fuel injection to carburated?
  3. I'll bid,
    female franken stang, it is an 84 with new body and int.

    Also post pics of the new car.
  4. What kind of shape is the paint in? Any rust? Mods? So pretty much it has a 90 block with 84 topend, meaning new motor is probably needed, as stated in your sig.
  5. Is the interior complete? Or is it like in the pics in your sig? Sorry for so many q's, just it looks like a pretty sweet. I might have to drive awhile but oh well.
  6. it is a 90 motor, with a 4 barrel intake and carb instead of feul injection.
  7. what i meant in my sig was motor upgrades, not replacement, that is a killer motor to build up with its low miles and roller cam. the body is in great shape, the paint could definately use a color sand and buff, has a few runs and some orange peel. the interior is complete, the pics in my sig are old and outdated.
  8. I hope you get more than 1500 for it, Looks like alot more money and time went into it. Good luck with the sale... Lets see the new ride
  9. did you not put a reserve on it? I would hate to see it go for so cheap. Maybe its my computer, i dont see and auction end date either
  10. yea i dont have resrve on it, been getting alot of action as far as questions and such, what i need though is some bidding going on.
  11. I know that, I was asking about the motor.
  12. Ok, thanks...
  13. man, my auction closes in 2 days and its not going good at all. most of the offers i have been getting is in the 3000.00 range. it that all a custom t-top fox is worth. i would rather keep it than give it away. what do you guys think its worth? i remember when my buddy bought his 87 stock vert for 7000.00.i would think my car would be worth 5-6000.00 at least. i guess we will see what happens. maybe i shouldnt have painted it yellow. he he