selling superchged gt $6000 obo

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  1. selling my project 2000 mustang gt for $6000 obo
    i have a build up on the car some where on here but the shortblock leaned out on me from a tune that may have been a little to aggressive

    anyways the car put down good numbers for 14psi 543rwhp

    whats done to the car :

    forged rear with 3.73 gears
    full exuast system with l/t headers
    cobra fuel tank and dual pumps
    9qt. oil pan
    stg 2 clutch w/alum flywheel
    stg 2 heads
    blower camms
    vortech sq-trim 2.95 pulley w/8 rib kit
    10% over sized crank pulley
    prochger front mount intercooler
    the rims come with the car (315/35/17)

    and a busted mmr900 shortblock ---swap the shortblock out and go i just dont have the money for this project anymore
    and i just got a fully load 370z its not a stang but its ok

    the car dynoed 543rwhp @ 6200 rpms the fuel system was maxed out
    my next thing was to up the fuel system , move the rpms to 7k and look for 600 to the wheel

    jpc said that would be easy once the fuel was addressed.

    i also have a full cobra r bodykit i never put on the car its sitting in my basement i will add that for free (minus the hood dont have the hood)






  2. mustang

    Hi, i live in southern, md/laplata.intrested in your much would it cost to fix the shortblock? if easy fix, $5000 + pick up.:nice:
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