Sema 2012: Awesome Stang Showing

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  1. Just wrapped up 3 tiring days of touring SEMA. Just wanted to share some pictures of some awesome Stangs I got to see while I was there!


    For more pictures of European Cars and Japanese Cars see my thread at: DSC_0439 (1400x927).jpg DSC_0492 (1400x927) (3).jpg DSC_0506 (1400x927) (2).jpg DSC_0511 (1400x927).jpg DSC_0512 (1400x927).jpg DSC_0513 (1400x927).jpg DSC_0514 (1400x927).jpg DSC_0515 (1400x927).jpg DSC_0556 (1400x927).jpg DSC_0557 (1400x927).jpg
  2. Nice! I like the scooped front fenders on the white car and the orange one. They look similar enough that I'm guessing they're not custom, that somebody is marketing them?
  3. Definitely some awesome stuff, even if some of it is a little ridiculous. I love SEMA just for the ridiculousness!
  4. I will throw some more SEMA pictures into this thread...
    Great looking Mustang with our AXLE back VT system.


    One of Falken's drift car


    Booth babe got in my way.
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    Just plain cool

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  5. There were some awesome cars there!! Many not street legal but none the less they were hot.
  6. I just noticed the wider front track on that Monster car. Interesting.
  7. Here is our Reversion Mustang we had outside near the Car Crazy booth, street legal wild custom! but looks a bit classic for us old dudes that like that kinda thing !

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  8. Wow! That's some serious surgery! Looks good too... took me a minute to figure out what was changed and how. I'd love to spend a few hours drooling around that shop. Some very cool work going on there on some nice cars.
  9. Very nice! It looks like it went on a diet!
  10. Here is mine in Concept One Wheels booth.


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  11. ^Awesome. I love that CF hood!