Send a note to Mustanggurl & Scott, in New Mexico for three weeks

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  1. Hi all!

    Deanna and Scott are now in New Mexico at thier Mom's until August 26. Neither was entirely enthused about the trip, so I wanted to start a thread to cheer them up, and let all thier friends here add a happy note.

    Many Thanks! :banana:

  2. Hello, Dee & Scott!

    Hope you're having at least a little bit of fun there in Nuevo Mehico. I hope you guys check in every once in a while; and tell us all how it's a lot "drier" where you are than it is Back East.... or in Yuma for that matter :rolleyes:

    Now, if anybody can come up with funny but true stories with pictures of Cheapie "having too much fun" on his vacation; Dee could regale us with her commentary on the pics :lol:
  3. Land of entrapment.

    was for me at least :D

  4. Well, not quite.

    See, FOLLOWING along the lines of "THIS THREAD IS USELESS WITHOUT PICS!"; I want to say:

  5. Exactly!

    Thank you :nice:
    Pictures from the hot tub party may be "a bit much" for SN; but I do have email! :D :banana:
  6. Yep...that's my dad...

    Yep, all those pics are real and un tampered with...I can vouge for that... :rolleyes:

    Ok the house i'm at is 13 miles form the nearest highway and food store and gas station in a Pinion (sp?) Pine forest. Feh..middle of nowhere my friends... :nonono: So boring... No Mustangs...It's a dirt and rock road... thogh I did see 23 mutangs on the way to the airport back home, 3 of the being 05's.
  7. Just remember the BIG BLUE FUZZY one and his LITTLE GREEN MONOCULAR side-kick are only a Closet Door away!:nice:

    Now for some Uncle-ry mindful of mother (at least pretend to be), and look after your brother! :D
  8. Latest News from Dad...

    Hi D & S!

    Still surviving out there? :rlaugh:

    Great news on COBRASK8, It's now officially LEGAL! Got all my paperwork, ID plate, and registration. Best news - I got to keep the CHEPSK8 plate on it!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:

    D - your Hamsters are still alive! :damnit:

    Planned activities so far:
    Thursday night I am meeting Uncle Rich to see Todd & his Band
    Friday night, going Cruising with Kenny & his supercharged Impala in Somerville
    Saturday Rich's birthday at Nana & Pop-Pop's
    Next week going up to Joe Coll's Thursday night for a fun weekeknd, including driving the Cobra in Vermont, then off to Watkins Glen for Open Track.

    SD - I'll be sure to get pics of the drunken naked Hot Tub party for ya! :cheers: :spot: :spot:

    I wll get & post pics from the Glen! :nice:
  9. You're having a drunken naked hot tub party and you didn't invite me? What fun is a drunken naked hot tub party without a BIG BLUE FUZZY CLOSET MONSTER to fuzz up the works....?......................................................oh.

    never mind..................................... :spot:
  10. If we have a big blue fuzzy monster, where will the naked partyers fit?
  11. The FEMALE ones would be welcome to snuggle in my lap / fuzz! :D :D :D
  12. :doh: :doh: :doh:
    What a father I have
    :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

    And be nice to the hampters, I don't want to see hampters remains, a potato cannon, a crash helmet and a cape in the cage when I return...
  13. Well, if they live being shot out of the potato canon, they'll be "Super-Hamsters"!!! I'll sign them up for Joey Chitwoods Thrill Show!
  14. :nonono: Mg, How many times have we told you NOT to leave him alone for more than a few days.

    :rolleyes: Next he will be trying to top the Super Hamster's trick by sitting on the potato cannon and launching himself.

  15. Maybe I could launch the hamsters together, a joint flight if you will....and add glitter & smoke for special effects......

    Ahhh, I can hear it now, the scream of flying hamsters.............
  16. ...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.....then i get to take Cobrask8 away from you and out for a spin if i find the hamptsers "glittered" and fried..
  17. Is that anything like the "silence of the lambs"? :shrug:
  18. Do you still hear the lambs clarice?