Send a note to Mustanggurl & Scott, in New Mexico for three weeks

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  1. Maybe more like Jim Morrison's "Scream of the Butterfly"..........

  2. So your saying the one that does not survive the stunt,

    Becomes your new Antenna Bobble.


    Won't that look Cool on Cobrask8,
    A furry antenna protector.
  3. No....they've been drowned out by the screams of the flying hampsters!
    I know where he can get a BIG BLUE FUZZY anti-theft device to match...:nice:

    only problem is it won't fit in the trunk and fills up the passenger seat................... :shrug:
  4. Oh Gawd!

    Problem is, I have no antennea! Maybe hang the hamster off the windshield?

    More fun to tell of...

    Friday night, went to Somervill NJ, as Friday night the main street in town is a great cruise scene. I went my a long-time friend Kenny, who has a 65 Impala with a blown 427 in it. Wild & fun, and NOISY! I could hear his over mine!! A fun night!


    Sat to my folks, had a BBQ with them & My brother and his girlfriend, took Rich out for a "spirited" ride. Lots of extra police around, as they live ny Baltusroll golf course, and it's US Open time...

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    Cobrask8 update, it has developed a bad overheating problem, either intake manifold of head gasket, maybe a tear-down before leaving for Watkins Glen. So much for relaxing with the kids gone!

    I'll put up pics of the surgury.

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  5. Cobrask8 is overheating 'cus...erm...feh I wish I could say why but I'm not staring down at the engine at the moment...>_> heh btw BBFCM...I saw you on TV today and your one eyed buddy.
  6. It's obvious from the picture of "da boyssss" standing around COBRASK8 and the Impala...... Cobrask8 is suffering from all the hot air blowing around her! :lol:
    Notice how he's upstaging me in every scene??? :nonono:
    I've gotten a lot more publicity-savvy since we were doing those commercials for Monsters, Inc. :rolleyes:
  7. Cute and cuddly aren't I! :D;)
    Oh Puh- leeeeeze! Quit yer whining already! The ONLY reason you got upstaged was because I am cuter and more cuddly than thou! I also have Traditional Thespian training and a Shakespearian Theatrical they found rummaging through the dumpsters on the back lot at Pixar! :nonono:
  8. Give me a break! You're still living off that gig on "Roseanne" :rolleyes:

    EDIT: Besides, I was the one who got top billing and the Chick in "Always" :banana:
    You got stuck flying that fat, wallowing Catalina and being hosed with retardant! :D
  9. :scratch:
    Have you been into the DOT3..............................AGAIN?

    Just because I did one little cameo as a dust bunny and bear a vocal resemblance to John Goodman...................................... :nonono:
  10. BBFCM,

    Did you know I helped show the premier of Monsters, Inc in NYC in full Digital Cinema at the Zigfield Cinema? :shrug:

    You even looked good in pixels instead of your usual celluloid.... :banana: !
  11. Shhhhhh.......don't let StD hear ya, he gets embarrassed when he hears his pixels are showing!;):S
  12. But he could be a "Golden Eye"........
  13. :nonono:That ain't gold, that's brown.............
  14. Hope u all are having a hello of a time...wanna see more picks of u

  15. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This from the guy with the umbrella bearing a picture of a pig giving the bird to a retardant drop plane. Meanwhile; I was still in the girl's mind :p
    Hey, did you ever notice that Holly Hunter has the same color hair as the Closet Keeper Chick?
    Coincidence? I think not!
    :banana: :banana: :banana: :D
  16. A "goldern eye" is a term used in the cinema industry for an expert in film quality & color and how it looks on the screen. Just thought I'd explain the term! Wasn't there a 007 film with that name?

    Umbrella or Parasol? :rlaugh:
  17. 1) :rolleyes:
    2) yes
    c) mine is a tavern umbrella emblazoned with MOLSON, his is the pink parasol with all the ooh lala french lace trim, the perfect accessory for a walking talking green monocular critter with delusions of fame, fortune and mustang ownership. :D
  18. Well, SD???????
  19. 1.) Well, I know who looks good on the silver screen! Although I'm a little confused as to why a blue Bigfoot clone wearing cow-horns can make it big
    2.) Of course I knew that! The golden 66FB should have cameo'd in more than a few scenes! :mad:
    3.) I dunno where Fuzzy got that idea about the parasol :shrug:

    Oh, wait; yes I do! The Closet Keeper Chick snuck in for a little Jacuzzi party while Chelle was busy remodeling her kitchen and you guys were out picking up Cobrask8. ((You show me your hot-tub pics and I'll show you mine!))
    I had to make up a BS excuse for the young lady's parasol under my Barcalounger - good thing he never found her, um......never mind. Family site, and I don't want to irritate the EVIL OVERLORD or Mrs StDr!
    :D :D :D
  20. See what I miss when I'm not home...