Send a note to Mustanggurl & Scott, in New Mexico for three weeks

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  1. I'm ready to leave tomorrow night for the weekend! Cobra is fixed, trailer is ready!

    SD, I'll get the hot-tub pics!
  2. Lights are on................ :shrug:
  3. But you twirled it, like you've had YEARS of experience carrying a parasol!:eek:

    And that little sashay thing you did..................... :shrug:
  4. ::Anoys dad with RP talk:: ::"Talks weird":: Heh I'm not home to do that, so I should bug him with it here.
  5. Are y'all goin' to Roswell for a nice, relaxing alien abduction? I'm sure they'd like to see 'golden eye'!!! :rlaugh:

    Maniac! :banana:

  6. That's because I had earlier (while you guys were protecting Pak from the Farberware) been intensely studying, ahhhhhh, well, different techniques with the Closet Kee......never mind!

    Can we change the sudject before Chelle gets back? Please???
  7. 67Mustangmaniac has Super Milk Chan as an icon! XD Awesome!
  8. Plastic

    Uh Oh, I'll be in New England this weekend, not far from Pak, and the Cobra's body is similar to the Attack Farberware..... :fuss: :fuss:

    Those little beasties better keep thier distance......... :flame: :uzi: :chair:
  9. s-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-r-e:rolleyes: