**** sensored? What about tr****?

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  1. **** sensored? What about tr****? I P O D

    Whats up with editing my sig???
    I cant show a link to my site anymore due to the word **** being sensored?

    I P O D
  2. It's because people try to sell ipo d's on SN. The :spam: stuff, you know.

  3. Yes I don't care about people selling I P O D's but I would like my site which is on T R I P O D to work correcly. Hopefully they can setup the filter to not block i pod if Tri is in front of it.
  4. If you think it won't get you in trouble, then you can get around the word filter and make your signature look right. I have no trouble saying ipod. :shrug:
  5. I couldnt get around it? I tried it a few diffrent ways? I guess I can screw with it some more.
  6. There is no secret way to get around it in a URL. You can get around it, but the URL will no longer work.
    For example: trïpod

    That works to get around the filter, but in a URL the ï will screw it up and it will no longer work. They need to fix this for the people that use Trïpod hosts.
  7. Yep It even changes it as it is now even thou it doesn't say I POD in text it changes my URL! Which mean my link doesn't work.
  8. Any answer on this????
  9. Thanks fiveofanatic :nice: