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  1. Please don't flame me too hard for this.... :p

    My son wants to install sequential tail lights on his '05. My Terminator has them and he thinks they look cool. I know this is considered a borderline ricer mod by many... Thing is my son really isn't into cars much so I'm just happy that he wants to personalize his car in SOME way...

    So who makes the best sequential tail light setup for the S197 models?

    So far I've found the following:

    WebElectric Products $139 after core exchange. (Totally PnP)


    Classic Design Concepts $149 No exchange. (Requires poking a couple holes in the rubber grommets)

    Anyone have any comments on either of these setups?

  2. i installed the cdc lights on my 06, they're slightly different because i didn't need to modify anything to make them work, but they fit nice, super easy to install. and you get to keep the old set for the future.
  3. I have the Webelectrics splice in kit. I love them.
  4. I have the CDC set. Very easy to install on the driver side...matter of 10 minutes start to finish. The pass side was a bit different however...I have the Shaker1000 system. I didn't remove the speaker box at all which made that side VERY tight getting to and took about 30 minutes to install. No need to poke holes in the rubber just pop them out, slide them off the factory harness, slide them on the new harness and pop them back in place(patience is the key, but VERY easily done). I am very pleased with the result!!!!! Now when the turn signals are activated it utilizes all 3 bulbs instead of just the 2. All 3 light up sequentialy when the brakes are applied as well(<---did not know this until girlfriend mentioned it while following one night).
    This upgrade is MUCH less rice than those clear lens/chrome bezel/round/oval tail lights!!!!!
  5. Buy the one from Webelectric that is NOT the splice in kit for the easiest, no BS install. It's worth it. :)

    And as for RICE...Ford was doing sequentials on their cars back in the 50s and 60s. Long before rice sir. ;)
  6. I think there's a little difference between the 05 and the 06/07 installations of the CDC sequentials. The instructions for the '05 model state that you have to poke a hole through the grommets.

    Either way I've already got a set on order from the good folks at
    Oh I don't personally feel they are rice in the least bit, like I said before I have sequentials on my Terminator. I just know there are a few die hards around here who consider any modification that doesn't add HP/TQ to the vehicle must be rice!

  7. Yeah, wasn't that back in the day when "made in Japan" meant a cheap flimsy product of inferior quality that nobody took seriously?
  8. Does anyone know if either of these systems can easily be modified to not light up sequentially when the brakes are applied? I really like the look of the squential turn signals and would like to install them, but am not interested in them working with the brake lights.
  9. When the brakes are applied the lights only sequence one time and then stay lit up after that.

  10. Yeah, I know. It's justn ot how I want them to work.
  11. Oh.... and to answer your question... no, it would not be easy to modify it to work like stock for the brakes, yet retain the sequential aspect when using the turn signals. It would require you to run an additional, yet separate circuit to the rear tail lights.

  12. hey UM i don't think the sequentials are ricey at all, i think ther're pretty cool. your son is following in the mustang tradition huh?
    my son bought an 88 gt convertible this past year and it's his money pit..........join the club.

    as far as sequentials go, i am personal friends with larry at webelectrics and will tell you that his product is second to none. his harness is a true plug and play product.
    good luck with your choice.

  13. meter4it also makes a kit, but since you already ordered, i guess it does not matter. :rlaugh: it was only 4 hours between the first post and the time you said you had them ordered. you dont wait for anything do you? :rlaugh:
  14. Lets just say I was made an offer I couldn't refuse...

    partshopper FTW! :nice:

  15. indeed. partshopper has earned my repeat business. :)

  16. Not like you will ever see them unless you follow your own car or happen across another Stang with same I don't know if it's a distraction to other drivers or not. I haven't distracted cops enough yet to have them stop me
  17. CDC here and since then I have sold and installed over 40 sets and counting.
  18. I wonder if they have any more deals like that. I like 'em, but not so much to drop $150.
  19. Marine One -

    I have an 07 vert and have been thinking about sequentials since I got my car. Here is what I understand.

    The Webelectronics "plug and play" system is supposed to be a snap to install - say 1 hr.

    However to modify it so that the lights do not sequence when the brakes are hit - and yes this can be done - takes the installation of a wire from the rear lights up to the front of the vehicle on the drivers' side. Sorry that I do not know the specifics.

    What I do know is that it requires removing the driver's door aluminum kick panel (sill panel) - now held on with double sided tape - and a connection that you will have to spliced in (i.e. not plug and play).

    It is very doable and I have read nothing but good results. It is more complicated however, and from what some owners have written is that the whole thing takes 3 to 4 hours (for the full install) if you take you time.

    Hope this helps.