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  2. Ok here is the part I dont understand; Is there a module that causes the lights to blink? If so would not the power to the turn signals go on and off, how would the sequencial circuit work? Does it bypass the blinker module. Does the new cars even have a blinker module, maybe it is done with the bulbs?
    I really want this mod for my car, I would just like to understand if it really works the way I would want it to before I buy it, or Santa brings it.
  3. This is how I understand it works. The s197 mustangs blinkers are computer controled, not like the older cars that had a flasher module.

    The sequencers. Take the signal from the computer and split it out into 3 seperate 'directions' (one for each light) through circuts in the sequencer module two of the circuts have time delays 'built' into them.
  4. It's all in the "Blinker Fluid". I use the synthetic stuff myself.

  5. The service advisor at my Ford store told me that Autozone is having a sale on the synthetic stuff.
  6. Here is where I purchase my blinker fluid from, as well as most of my other auto part needs. There blinker fluid is so good I see it is now sold out!!!!!!!! Glad I got mine last month... Infact I'm thinking about using their lowering kit...installs in minutes, comes in 3 colors(standard, chrome and gold) and is only $19.99!!!!!
  7. Ok, so latest consensus. Who won, Webelectrics or CDC?
  8. CDC I believe.

  9. Sequentials

    I have the kit. This is the only kit that offers the chase pattern. The chase pattern really looks better than regular sequential tailights. It also has a plug that by changing positions you can have the stock look, regular sequential look or chase. It's a bit more involved to install but I think it is worth it.
  10. meter4it question

    How long did it take you to install this? I looked at the install instructions and it looks like you have to tear a lot of the interior out to run the wires. I like the chase, but I don't know if I care to tear the interior out of my vert to run the wires. Thanks!
  11. Sequentials

    You don't have to really tear out the interior. All you have to remove is the rear seat bottom (very easy) and the plastic guard on the door sill. I guess it took me 2-3 hrs. The most important thing is to follow the instructions exactly. I had reg. sequentials on a 2000 GT and I can tell you, the chase pattern looks much better.
  12. thanks goldenpony. The photos on the website looked like they did quite a bit of removal, and I feared that with a vert, it could be even more difficult. It helps to hear from someone who's been there, done that.
  13. This made my decision:

    The Plain English Warranty

    "If a module fails, send it back and we'll replace it."

    It's that simple. If at any time you have a problem with any of your WebElectric Products modules, simply send it back, and we will repair or replace it, free of charge, as long as you own it.
  14. That's EXACTLY right and why I bought from Webelectric Products, they stand behind their products 100%.
    Wait til your "other" brands take a dump, then you'll see the difference.
    My .02 cents worth
  15. ***WARNING***
    Old thread alert!!!!

    OK, now that I warned everyone that this is an old thread, I am gonna ask my question.

    I see that you have suggested two different types of control module for flashing tail lights. But (and perhaps due to the age of posts) no one suggested GT concepts for their flasher units.

    Does anyone have info on them???

    Like the rest of you, I am interested in a product that will work, with minimal installation time, and cost.

    Since I have just bought my 06 Pony this past Saturday, I am not interested in splicing the stock harness. I am looking more for a plug and play.

    While GE concepts has a full harness, that is more then I would like to spend, BUT they have at a lower cost, a plug and almost play set up that requires hooking up one wire.

    Your thoughts??
  16. oops, wrong thread, sorry
  17. I wouldn't trust it. Given it's the same price as the WebElectric one and CDC one, I would go with the known names.
  18. Thanks for your input, but I am looking for anyone that has used them...

    And where did you get your grille??? (avatar) You have GT fogs and the Pony bar and corral. Looks sweet!!
  19. That was my old grill. It was the stocker, with fog bezels and a WebElectric pony corral. They don't sell it anymore, but you can purchase a V6 pony package corral and modify it to fit.

  20. Ive got the Pony package on my 06, but my friends got the GT on his 07. Thanks for the info!