Sequential tailights...

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  1. I take it no one has any info on GT Concepts version?
  2. From the guy that sold me the eleanor grill for $10.00 comes the $20.00 sequential tail lights. :lol: I love this guy. I also got the Eibach Anti Roll bar kit for 100 bucks. :rlaugh: :nice:
  3. Some might, but seq tail lights are NOT ricer. The lights look exactly the same as non seq... just different in the way they illuminate.

    Personally, I am sick of the people on this board who accuse others of having a "ricer" Mustang. It is a Ford... it is a Mustang. Nothing rice about that.

  4. I've bought other things from GT Concepts, but not the taillights. Great service from them. Looking at the pics and installation instructions, it looks exactly like my CDC's.
  5. no, but:

    i bought some plug and play for the shelby from i forget what i paid, maybe 75 bucks, and they give you the option of returning your old harness for 30 bucks! very easy install and looks great!
  6. +1 on meter4it

    Had to splice it in, but wasn't hard work.

    Better results after the install than the others, imo, too.
  7. Just an update.

    I did go with GT concepts because the version for my car was the least expensive. My friend bought the harnes pnp...

    I had looked at al LOT of different kits, and this was just as simple as pnp..

    All I had to do was run 1 wire (each side) thru the rubber groment and push it into the light socket. I cant even call it a splice,,, I didnt cut a single wire! That was it.. It litterly took me about 20 minutes. Thats both sides, and the r&r time....

    My friends car took a tad longer, cuz he has the Shaker 1000 speakers in the way. But his was just as simple...

    So far so good... I totally dig them!!!
  8. Do you have this loud clicking sound when your turn signals are on with the meter4it kit? My friend down the street just installed it on my car and it's freaking LOUD :nonono:
  9. kit

    I have the meter4it kit, no problems at all, no noise.
  10. Hmm, strange. I just emailed meter4it to ask them about this noise. It's basically a loud clicking sound as each of the 3 bulbs illuminates. *CLICK CLICK CLICK... CLICK CLICK CLICK* :eek:
  11. "Hello,

    Yes, this is normal. I use relays because of there current caring ability and used for trouble shooting purposes. Its best if the black box is mounted to the carpeted trim panel, this way you may hear it with the engine turned off but should not hear it with the engine running."

    Ok GoldenPony, are you SURE you don't hear anything? haha. I need to double check where my friend mounted the box. Maybe that's why it's so loud.
  12. Yes, I am sure I don't hear anything. Tme unit is mounted in the trunk, even kind ov under the mat, as you say, maybe it's the mounting location. Doesn't sound any different than it did before I installed it.
  13. I can hear it with the car off, as mentioned above...not a problem with the car running. Mine's mounted in the exact location as the instructions maybe that's your problem?

  14. For the record, you CAN rice out any car. The Roush/Saleen/Boss/GT500 V6 Mustang guy running around here is pretty close to rice, if you ask me.

    Anyway, this mod is NOT rice. I just installed it the other day. Piece of cake, and looks awesome. I got mine from CDC as they were 30 min. from me. I want to help the local crappy economy in Michigan.

    Old Skool is kool.

    Whoops. I just realized a comment I made was to *cough* the guy I quoted *cough*.
  15. chromedoorhandles.jpg

    Mine is riced out :p lol
  16. ........... good point! :popcorn:
  17. You need some more stickers!:rlaugh:
  18. You are dumb. You can rice out absolutely any car. Just because it's a domestic doesn't mean it can't be rice.


    I'm guessing since that Mustang is a Ford, it isn't rice, right? :rolleyes:
  19. :rlaugh:

    That POS is a V6, too!
  20. It's ironic, isn't it? :)