Serious question to management.

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  1. i don't mean to take this off topic, but you know, i've noticed that you've been ripped off a couple times on the internet.

    maybe you should reconsider your purchasing habits or heavily research your sellers more in depth. i've seen you posting a couple times on scs.

    fwiw, i'll be a town away from cranston in two-three weeks, and i could get some guys beered up if you want anybody to break some limbs.
  2. I've never been ripped off, I'm a professional investigator , now retired who tracks these scammers down and assists victims in either recovering their money or using my conections to see that the scammer is arrested. I charge no fees for my services, Just a mutual hatred for theives is all that drives me.
  3. He is a registered user. We cannot vouch for everyone that makes an account. There is no reasonable way to do so. You have to protect yourself. We are no different than someone selling something in a newspaper, we list the item, you figure out to buy it or not.
  4. He had 0 posts, and one scam ad, I hope you have sufficient id info when the postal inspectors query you.I know of of no other site that would allow the use of their classified section with such limited info.
  5. Post count doesn't mean a thing anyways.

    You can have 2,343 posts all of which can be in sections like the Virtual Body Shop (Photoshop Forum), and reveal nothing except an IP address which could be at a public library.

    If someone cons a guy using the US Postal Service, then proper actions can be taken by the idiot who falls for it.

    Mail fraud isn't the forums fault. And neither is the lack of common sense some people have.
  6. I don't mean to step on anyone's toes by responding to this...

    I've been trying to sell a truck. I have had it listed on no less then 5-6 different web sites. Some I have been a long standing member, some - I joined just to post. Examples - Here, The Corral, SVT Performance, F150Online, and a couple of others in the past.

    NONE have asked for any other info other then a e-mail address. Which you can just set up a yahoo account for that. And as far as tracing the IP? Well, I can go to any kinkos or even my old appartment complex had a PC with internet access we could use.

    Like I said, I have not seen a web site that asks for any REAL info befor posting in their classified section.