Seriously Doubt Anyone Can Answer This, 69 Electric

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  1. There is a, thing, that looks like a roll of dimes that is bolted to the engine bay wall under the voltage regulator like a ground and wired to one of the pins of the voltage regulator. I think its called something like voltage reducer or something like that. Its definately original to the car. Without getting into why cause that will just confuse the issue. Wondering if its possible and how to test it with maybe a regular voltage meter? Because to replace it would be a guess at what it even is and then would have to cut and splice the wiring cause they dont make them like they used too. I doubt Ill get a reply to this but if I do and you know what im talking about, I Will be impressed! Thanks, I know this sounds sarcastic but seriously, I doubt anyone will know. I gotta try.
  2. I believe it is called a radio noise suppressor ,keeps static noise from radio
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  3. If you are having electrical problems this will not be it ,What's the problem?
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  4. yep, that is what it is for. it is in fact a condenser found in a point type ignition system. it was just repurposed to suppress noise from the charging system.
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  5. Yep, it's a radio (noise) suppressor. It's also a repurposed condenser.
    Never doubt the depth of knowledge here. Just in these few posts there is probably a combined 120 years of experience. Of course, if, by doubting, you were hoping to guarantee a response, you are wily, and I salute your ingenuity.
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  6. You want to see something really neat ? while it is out of the car ,put a charge to it then touch the wire connector :burnout::rlaugh:
  7. @rbohm , i think:chin I think he just called us... old :zzz::jester:
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  8. let him. he doesnt yet realize that old age a treachery will beat up youthful exuberance every time.:rlaugh::rlaugh::dead::dead::burnout::burnout:
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  9. Nah, not old, just experienced. I included my 30 years experience in the equation.
  10. hell son i AM old. well at least 55 seems old these days with my health issues.:(
  11. You've only got 8 years on me then. I thank God for my health every day. I hope the docs are doing something for you? Get better, man. :nice:
  12. not much to do for a dialysis patient except adjust my meds for controlling my phosphorus levels.
  13. OMGag! Yes it worked, this is the best by far, technical response ive ever gotten on stangnet! It did start out with just sarcasm, but then real knowledge mixed with sarcasm. But real knowledge non the less. I am impressed. Except for how to test it, being 45 years old, at least confirmation on what it is. I do have a pertronix electric ignition kit installed, the original distributor upgrade kit. Dont know if that negates the need for it or not. ? Anyway, i guess ill post the whole issue now and see what i get. When running the elec system is only reading 12 or less volts when it used to be and should be 13.75 volts. So first I replace the alternator, didnt help. Now ive replace the voltage regulator but need to get a friend over to help me get it started to test the volts again, turn the key while i turn the distributor, accidentally got it out of place, at this moment its 30 degrees here on the day my friend doesnt work and 50 degrees when he is working so just wating for weather. Ignore these sentences related to engine timing, they are completely unrelated to the voltage thing. but People tend to lump a whole post together and incorrectly diagnose for you. Cool.
  14. I liked the old voltage regulator ,they were adjustable .the new ones never seem to work right .Do you know for sure that the charging system is actually
    charging ? A simple test is to pull a battery cable while running ,if it is charging it will keep running . being That it is only showing 12 volts it sounds like it may not be charging ,could be either the alternator or the voltage regulator .A new alternator doesn't necessarily mean it works ,i have bought new ones before that did not work. Summits chrome one comes to mind:nonono:
  15. I got the new alt from napa. And the new regulator from summit. For the charging test, which batt cable to pull? Pos or neg or both? Thanks. At first I thought you were joking about the radio noise. But guess that could make sense if true.
  16. either cable will work . Radio static ,true story
  17. yep. anytime you generate electricity through the use of a magnetic field, you will get noise on the line as a result of using that magnetic field. its the nature of the beast. the condenser smooths out those electrical spikes. in fact if you are getting radio noise, and a no charge situation, try replacing the charging condenser as it may have gone bad and is just a grounding point.
  18. We Ford mechanics tend to be a sarcastic lot. Comes from having to listen to Chevy guys tell us how hard they are to work on, compared to theirs. It's a darn good thing Chevys are easy to work on, because they're so often in need of repair.