Seriously why does the 4.6 need so many cams???

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One cam or S/DOHC

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  1. One cam

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  2. S/DOHC

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  1. Ok that question has been killing me. I don't understand why a cobra needs 4 cams when it was just doing fine with one cam. Look at the LS1, 1 cam and dynos over 300 hp. What the hell is Ford trying to do with the 4.6? Where are they trying to take it? I don't think it was SVTs idea, hell i can be wrong.

    I always want cams when I got my 4.6 but they didn't have when it came out made me very mad. Now there are cams for the car but still to much money. Plus its hard to get it to sound like a E303 cam and pass emissions. O yea can you can't de-tune the car for emissions to pass. I asked around and they all told me sorry.

    Would you guys want the 4.6 motors to be SOHC/DOHC or just have one cam in there?
  2. There's benefits to both sides.

  3. No you didn't :mad: get your A.. back in here and tell me why. I know there are benefits but what???? Coming in here and leaving like that! :nonono: :rolleyes:
  4. No offense, but you sound like a little kid who knows nothing about cars at all. That is the dumbest question I have ever heard, have you ever heard of a ZR1, that was a 5.7L 32V, it was not to shabby, they are different, the 4.6L is more effeceint, the LS1 is a Pushrod Aluminum Small Block, totally different, the motors runcompletely different, sounds kinda weid coming from aguy who supposudly had a 4V at one time.
  5. :rolleyes:
  6. Just go get your 5.0 or LS1 already and quit making ****y posts about the 4.6 :rolleyes:
  7. This post is retarded. :rolleyes:
  8. Do we really need to explain what they mean by a modular engine? I thought you were the guy having his motor built or something.

    Expensive? go look at cam kits for other cars. Our average cost is about the same and we get TWO of them, not one.

    yes we all want more cubes but then our cars would cost as much as a CAMBIRD. Look where all those cubes got them.
  9. I think this guy is a liar, he claimed to have a 4V in his GT but the dealer could not get it to work, and they did not know why, which now that I think about it is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard, and then he comes and makes a VERY uneducated post like this, I smell BS.
  10. Uh...have you ever priced a cam/spring kit for a 5.0L? I just bought a Compcams kit with cams and springs from Modular Depot on sale for $700. You could probably get two sets of cams and springs (maybe 3) for a 5.0L or most other OHV V8's (excluding LS1 and LT1).
  11. Its just a question of engine design. OHV's use multiple cams because ( as far as I know it) there isnt room on the cam shaft for all the lobes needed to operate multiple valve per cylinder heads.

    Pushrods are a different beast entirely

    Like apples and oranges. Well, etallic apples and oranges anyway :)
  12. All FRPP:
    e303 170
    lifters 120
    springs 100
    Valve Spring Retainer 63
    gaskets 15(summit brand)
    total around 468

    so with us having to buy two cams, I think we are getting pretty good deals. We dont need all that other stuff other than springs. Actually there are probably some things I left out. You have to remember that the 5.0s are getting old and its always wise to replace a lot of stuff in the heads. Maybe even new pushrods to be cautious.

    ohh and like 70-100 for our install kit if you want to buy it for the 4.6s. So close to 750-800 for us if you want to do it right.
  13. Exactly. A few of my LS1 buddies are changing their pushrods to hardened versions to withstand the beating. We don't need all that stuff above on our modular cars, so it, in the end, is just about the same cost.

  14. yeah if I was going to be putting a high lift, high revving cam into a OHV motor I would replace all of that. Of course, Im all about doing it right the first time and not going back.
  15. Lordy, I haven't heard that name in months :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  16. Do you even know what cams are?
  17. above the belt please, :rlaugh: :lol:
  18. The 4.6 with overhead cams is actually more efficient. you can't really compare the LS1 because it has more than 60 cubic inches on the 4.6, and a higher compression ratio. I'd be willing to bet that if you swapped out your 4.6 shortblock for a 5.4 with 10.25 compression you'd be making more than an LS1
  19. :nonono: I think 5.0 tech is better in mod help then you guys. :nonono: Like I have always said in the past feel free to go check my car out. :)

    Thanx for the help the people that did answer. :flag: Sorry guys that i don't have time to be a lame and argue over the net. Think of me what you like still going to be a post whore :crazy: If you don't like it owell sorry. :shrug: Merry Christmas guys! :cheers:
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