Seriously why does the 4.6 need so many cams???

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One cam or S/DOHC

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  1. One cam

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  2. S/DOHC

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  1. as stated earlier SOHC are suppose to be more efficient than OHV engines. DOHC engines are more efficient than SOHC engines. the DOHC engines (4 valve per cylinder) have a better design to allow for better spread of the fuel mixture and burn of the flame in the cylinder.

    and to 984.6gt. have you ever heard of someone putting the cams in wrong(intake cam on exhaust side and visa versa)?? i've had to correct those types errors many times because people don't pay attention to what they are doing. I'm not saying that is what happened but something that may have happened.
  2. The Vette has 350(non Z06) horse, the camaoro was in the 305 range(325 for the SS) per the factory. But I have heard rumors that some lucky LS1 owners have dyno'd at 305-310 at the wheels stock. Which would translate to 340 at the fly wheel. I've seen stock LS1's go 13.7-13.8 all day. Then some go 14.0-14.1. I guess you just have to be lucky. Off the subject my fiance got me the Mustang Monopoly game fror Christmas. It's pretty cool.

  3. the F-body LS1's are the exact same engines as the Vette LS1's. the F-bodies are just underrated. the actually produce the same hp as the Vettes.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong but I sort of remember there being literally hundreds of OHV V-8's that worked just fine with one cam driving all 16 valves.

    Putting the cam over the head (SOHC/DOHC) eliminates the pushrod and the lifter reducing frictional losses and theoretically making the engine more efficient

    You should all be thankful for this new technology and the way Ford has incorporated it into our favorite Short ( oops sorry I meant car -- short being a term from the prehistoric age of muscle cars)

    Many of you may be too young to remember when it would take a 383 or a 390 or a 396 engine to get performance that even approaches what we get out of the 281 ci Mod Motors and these large relatively inefficient V8's were lucky to get 10 miles to the gallon of premium or super premium gas ( Sunoco 260)

  5. :bang: :rlaugh:

    F-body and C5s have the same motor. The 01+ have the ls6 style intake, different cam and some other minor goodies. I can go further if you want between the different years, like how the 98s had larger injectors than all the other years.

    My friends 1le Z28 runs 12s when it was stock.
  6. Thanx guys :nice: I know the 4.6 will out last the 5.0 because of the way Ford designed the motor but still to many cams. :D The only 4.6 that i like at this point is the 03-04 4v monster. :worship: With the new 4v its so easy to get in the 10s, as for the other 4.6 before that you have to spend a lot of money to get there.

    You guys that are hatin on me grow up. This is tech, meaning people come here to ask questions. Little B....s like you guys are why people leave the whole mustang thing and end up getting a ls1. Sure i can throw in the towel on the mustang and get a LS1 but i'm not because there needs to be at least a few mustangs out there that can take the LS1s. Sorry your high 12 low 13 cars aren't going to do. I understand why people go to other sites to get there tech questions answered. :nonono:

    My friend he has a 01 WS6 he had a air led, and T-body he dynoed 347 RWHP. I didn't believe till i seen the sheet. Then my friend with his 00 WS6 put a big nitrous cam in and got in the 10.8s with it. Before the cam he was running 11.6s at the track. 10.8s with air led, built trans, 150 shot wet, cam, and 2800 stall. He needs to get a 12bolt because the speed shop said the stock rear end is going to go out when he gets a really good hook or sprays it out the line.

    If the 393/6.5 liter swap doesn't doesn't get me in the 11s N/A i'm going to be mad. :mad: Only thing i'm worried about is gettin the stang to hook, I don't want to be cruisen with slicks all the time. :nonono:
  7. when you get that swap done post some pics, that way monkeys can fly out of everbody's asses
  8. That wouldn't be a problem. Me and Idiot5.0 off of stangnet he is going to help me with the set up. I was going to go with a 347 stroker but we were chillin one day and he was like for 800 dollars more i can get a 393 stroker. So I'm going with that motor its only $4000.00. I'll have the 6.5 liter and still be able to pass emission and be a daily driver.

    I was talking to Jadesville and he suggested that i should keep my 96 GT and dropped the 393 in there but I really don't want to because i have to change the K member and have to redo the wiring hirness. I was honestly planning on trying to sell the car for $5,000 when i get it back. Plus I really want to sell the car because i totally think its bad luck. I don't want to drop the new motor in and blows on me. :rolleyes:
  9. I agree :bs:
  10. Jim! :mad: :p
  11. Alright little girls I have the paper work and the invoice of the 4v motor. I have posted it two times on stangnet. If you idiots can't read letters or numbers then i don't know what to tell you. :nonono:
  12. its even worse if you actually have attempted to have a motor swap done that you are so ignorant towards the workings of a ohc motor. i wouldnt be suprised if you posted a thread about trying to take a dump with your pants still on
  13. :rlaugh:
  14. I want to see a picture of your cobra motor in your GT...until then :bs:
  15. that bull**** was funy:)
  16. You can't put a Cobra motor in a GT :rolleyes:
  17. I'd still rather have a 4V. :shrug:

    Lately, I've been thinking just that, seeing how KarKraft has new Mach 1 engines (complete) for $3,000. Something about that seems too good to be true, $3k for an entire brand new engine?

    But anyway, a Mach 1 + nitrous = :worship: :hail2:
  18. Did I say it can't be done? :rolleyes:
  19. Sure you can. It's the same frame as the GT.
  20. I can't step foot in the dealer. If anyone of you guys live in chicago go take some pictures for me. Its the only red 96 GT without a hood on and a 4v in there at the dealer. But you better do it soon because the 4v is coming out.

    You know what you guys been pissing me off with this stuff i'm going to see if Idiot5.0 will go to the dealer and take pics. But i'm sure you guys will still say BS like usually.
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