Seriously why does the 4.6 need so many cams???

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by GoBabyVroommm, Dec 24, 2003.


One cam or S/DOHC

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  1. One cam

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  2. S/DOHC

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  1. Alright just talked to him he said he will do it after work. The dealer service is closed tomorrow so i'm sure he can get some pics in. If its not in service then the car is up stairs. Damn if i get those pics tomorrow get ready for some :flame:
  2. it boggles my mind that a thread with a title as stupid as this has grown to this many pages.
  3. You think this is long you should have seen my GF thread. It really wasn't even titled that good but it had 14 pages and 7000+ view. To bad it got locked down because someone got offended.

    Guys I'm going to close the thread. If idiot5.0 gets the pics for me today I'll make another thread in talk. :nice: I know this thread will get locked down soon. We have been off topic for about a page and a half.
  4. :bs:
  5. I sure as hell hope it gets locked a question this stupid should never have been posted here to begin with.
  6. Jackie, youre killin me :rlaugh:

    Seriously tho... why do we need this many cams?? :rolleyes:
  7. why did the Boss 302 need so many??? Why did the boss 429 have so many?? hmmmm cause that is how ford made them.

    End of story, next thread.
  8. Its not a stupid question. A stupid question would be "why are tires made out of rubber?" I bet that 90% of the people on stangnet don't know the answer or could careless to even ask. Damn haters!!! :nonono: :rolleyes:

    I still don't understand why its a stupid question????
  9. LMAO :lol:.. Best thing I've read all day.
  10. To be perfectly honest... I keep checking back on this thread to see replies to that one, im still smiling from it :lol:
  11. :stupid:

    :lol: :rlaugh:
  12. OHV vs SOHC

    The SOHC allows the valves to be unshrouded, thereby allowing better airflow which inturn produces more power. There are push-rod 4 valve heads made by Arao
    These are heads for small block fords which flow like crazy.
  13. :eek:

    How does that system work off of only 1 cam? Does 1 pushrod work some weird kind of Y-shaped rocker working 2 valves or what?
  14. :bs:

    why cant you?
  15. What was this thread about again
  16. Cause hes done it before :bs:

  17. I swapped a 01 4v into my original 96 GT, it can be done and 96gts knows that, hes just being sarcastic. I dont know why your Ford dealer had such a problem with installing it :shrug:

    So where are these pictures? :eek:
  18. The valve rocker arms are on two shafts, each rocker arm actuates 2 valves for the intake and 2 valves for the exhaust. Click on the web site, they have pictures and specs.
  19. [QUOTE='96&'01Stang]What was this thread about again[/QUOTE]
    It should have been , "how many stupid replies can I get"? and , " how far off topic do you think it will get", or " how many morons does it take to get a thread locked" ????? :nice: hell, I guess I'm right there with the rest of you.. please God , let this end. :nice:
    I you really want to know, take an auto mechanics class and learn about engines.
  20. :scratch: :shrug:

    I thought it was "I have PMS because my 4V swap went to hell and I'm having my vengence by expressing how much I think 4V's suck because I had a bad experience with them (even though I know they don't suck), and I'll build myself an old NASCAR engine because I think it's somehow impossible for anything to go wrong on one of those because I said so"

    Or something like that.

    :lol: :rlaugh: :jester:
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