Serpentine Belt Went Bad In 3 Weeks

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  1. Had the old belt on the car from 2006 until 3 weeks ago. Never had any problems until then. It would squeal a little when I would start the car, but that was it, and then I noticed that there was a groove in the under side of the belt that matched perfectly with the tensioner. After three weeks my new belt has the same squeal on start up, and the same groove worn into it. I'm posting a picture of a factory tensioner so you can see the type of groove it's wearing into the belt.

    My question is what would cause this? I'll try to post a picture of the belt after work tomorrow. I know the belt size is correct because it worked fine for 7 years.

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  2. What's your definition of "going bad"?
  3. Tensioner is worn
  4. Going bad would mean that I'm finding pieces of the belt stuck to the under side of my hood. It's literally being shredded

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  5. Still waiting to see the belt. Looking at that pic of the tensioner doesn't say anything at all.
  6. Here is the belt

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  7. I believe the tensioner groove is indented and not protruding right. But on the water pump it lays against its back, ...correct?? I would look at the water pump pulley, .....unless something is caught inside the tensioner groove???
  8. How much deflection is there on the belt? You should have about 1/4 to 1/2". That belt looks awful tight. Can you post a pic of the front of the engine and the tensioner with the belt on. I want to see where the tensioner is in the range.
  9. Think I found the problem. There is a buildup of rubber where the belt meets the tensioner. I'm thinking that the tensioner has siezed up. Will check my theory tomorrow.
  10. Tensioner pulley was completely seized. Ordering a new one tomorrow along with some underdrive pulleys