serpentine setup?

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  1. is there a serpentine setup that will fit my 68 302. i am looking for a takeoff from a junkyard, or if anyone knows a cheap new one. i have power steering and a/c...
  2. I am rebuilding a 5.0 roller and have the same accessories. I am still on the hunt. The pullies on your accessories are for a v-belt and will need to be changed, or you may have to change the accessories themselves.
    An easy swap would be ideal. I have seen pictures of serpentine set ups but don't know if they upgraded the power steering and a/c or not
  3. let me know what you guys are looking for and i might have it.
  4. i am looking for something to replace my v style pullies and belt on my 302. would like to have something that was simply a removal of pullies on engine now to the serpentine setup...not sure about water pump, but that might need to be replaced as well...
  5. Bolt on serpentine pullies for a 66 w/o PS or AC. Just the alt/waterpump/crank.

  6. I don't think you can just bolt on serpentine pullies. You are going to need all the brackets. Its really not a big deal. For the alternator just change the pully. The newer power steering pump can be adapted with a 90 cent double male fitting from a hardware store. A/C I havn't been able to make work yet with the new compressor because I havn't tried, my box is shot and I need to rebuild it. The water pump will need to be changed to a reverse rotation and most likely you will need to switch the entrance to the drivers side. Gota watch out with the crank pully from the junkyard. I think you should just get an aftermarket ballancer that has a removable counterwieght so you can get make it easy on yerself and just use the spacer with the stock pully and aftermarket dampener. You can just take the smog pump off and leave it out of the setup. I have a diagram which I'll post later if I can find it.

    Its later...

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  7. march sells a setup....although it is very pricey.
  8. yeah i ment i have most of the front brackets and acc. off a serpentine motor. only think i dont have is the w/p pulley and hardware. but the brackets and acc are there.
  9. For a pre-1971 28oz balance motor, a balancer for a 71 302 and an LTD/Towncar/Marquis (they're std rotation) setup will work. You need the balancer so the 4-bolt pullies should bolt up. $30 for the serpentine stuff and $63 for the balancer, that's got March beat by a mile.
  10. My '66 has an '85 Lincoln engine with 2 serpentine belts. All accessories are from the Lin. also. One belt runs the power steering, Alt, and water pump off of the crankall on the drivers side. The second runs off of the crank to the A/C, an idler pully and the now missing smog pump. Water pump runs the same direction as the stock 289 as I use the stock fan. The lower outlet had to be moved to the drivers side which has provided pretty good cooling. The power steering pump was a simple hose fitting conversion for $10. The A/C is on the garage floor waiting for the rest of the unit. The alt is at least a 60 amp also. This is nice because I do not need to buy different belts when it comes time for the A/C

  11. so you are saying i can have a serpentine setup on my 68 for less than $ that with new parts or used, and also are you saying that i wont have to replace my water pump...
  12. Thats the route I went, and I went with the bling as well. I had to change my balancer but went with a better one anyway. I don't have ac or ps though so my water pump isn't reverse.
  13. I pulled mine apparently off of a later model ford truck. In order to start on your's you are basically gonna need a new balancer with the 4 hole mount, then go hunting in the junk yard. The alt can be done easy with a spacer for the furthest bolt on the head and a tension rod using two heim joints. But the alt bracket with the tensioner is usually a pretty easy find- very common for many years.
    Here's what I needed:
    alt bracket, p/s and a/c bracket, pulleys and bolts (60$ from junk yard)
    reverse rotation water pump (various)
    new belt (various)
    new a/c compressor (my brackets wouldn't allow running without one... came oiled so it's been a very expensive idler pulley for a while)
    new power steering pump, saginaw type (various)
    hose fitting for new pump plus custom line to p/s control valve (60$- I got jewed on that one)
    radiator with opposite sided inlet/outlet (1970 should work)
    assorted radiator hoses
    I also ended up doing the 3G alt swap at the same time.....
  14. Swede's writeup is very good, but the pass car serpentine setups are STD rotation, so no problem there, BUT you will need a opposite in/out waterpump.
  15. what do you mean by "opposite in/out waterpump"...
  16. He means a water pump that will work with a radiator with this design

    One outlet here

    ------------------------------------------------One here
  17. i they make a radiator hose that would be specific for this, or would i have to use a flexible hose...
  18. Here is my setup... I used a March Alt. Bracket $50.00/Trickflow tensioner bracket $39.00. Parts came from Summit.I also used stock mustang pullies,$15.00 ebay... Very reliable and less than $125.00:D

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