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Sep 1, 2020
Hello everyone,
I am 100% new to this forum. My daughter has a v6 2010 automatic mustang that has an intermittent problem that is driving me crazy. I am hoping someone here can steer me in the right direction.
A couple of months ago on a weekend, she cranked her car and the service advancetrac light was on. She pressed the brake, then tried to put the car in gear. The gear selector would not move at all. It was as if it was locked. She had the car towed to a dealership. She left something in her car, so she went to the dealership on Monday morning before anyone was there. She decided to try one more time to see if the message had went away. The car cranked, there was no error message, and she was able to put it in gear and drive it home. It happened again this past week. She could not put it in gear. She revved her motor and the message went away, and she was able to drive the car to work. When she got off work, her car had the message again. The only way to get the message to disappear so she could drive the car home was to disconnect the battery cable. She went to O’Reillys yesterday so the could check for error codes. None was found. Maybe unhooking the battery cable cleared them out?? The car has worked fine over the weekend.
The issue could happen tomorrow, or 2 months from now. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, could you please share what the issue was and what you did to fix it?

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

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Mar 7, 2002
Check the brakelight switch.

Without codes that's the best advice I can give (it not coming out of park is what has me thinking you should check there first).

Slow'Reilly didn't find codes because they were looking at powertrain with their code reader. Find a parts store, friend, or shop that will read ABS codes for you. That's where Advancetrac faults are usually stored, as the ABS system is what controls most of it and handles most of its functions.