Service Soon, Need Some Advice On Few Things

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by ked263, May 1, 2013.

  1. Hi, I am sending my car to service soon, "by next week" as I am about 400 mile away from my service due , my car done 92600 miles now , and the service on 93000 miles

    so I am changing engine oil/filter. and also most likely the trans fluid too.

    also since I am starting to hear too much noise from the engine I think it's time to get new mounts for the engine and the trans too

    now as for the fluids dont worry,

    I am here to ask about the engine and trans mounts,

    what is a good brand to reduce the noise and the vibration

    also what would be good to do now to restore the engine ,

    thanks .
  2. If its going to remain your daily driver just go with urethane mounts. They will last forever and give added support with going full race stiff like solid mounts would. AM and LMR both have them for relatively cheap.
  3. If your goal is OE-like NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) go with OE mounts.
  4. Im currently using Energy Suspension engine and tranny mounts. They are a bit harsher than OE. Replace with stock if you dont have huge horsepower goals. Keep things smooth.
  5. The stock mounts are rubber, while most aftermarket pieces will be polyurethane. If you want to reduce NHVs, a poly mount would be the wrong direction. Have them inspected, but I highly doubt they need to be replaced. If they do in fact need to be replaced, use a ford, motorcraft or OEM mount.

    Kinda funny, you have a good bit less than half the miles my GT does. Mine is at 213k now (original mounts).
  6. I hear more from my MM XD adjustable LCA's and CC plates than I do my prothane motor mounts. I believe they'd offer a smoother feel to any car that is driven spirited. Especially Mustangs.
  7. well I am starting to hate the situation of my car right now ,
    and I have to state first that where I live the streets are very bad,
    and for some time I had problem with the shocks , and the rims, and the car was soo shaky ,

    also, which driving, if I hit the gas and remove my foot, I can hear " clink " sound,

    and one last thing, the gear sometimes when shifting OR accelerating quick and release the pedal before shifting I hear some sort of sliping sounds

    btw, the mounts are about a year old. only !!!

    anyway, will get the car inspected soon this week
  8. I don't know what a slipping sound, sounds like. If you feel the clutch slipping, its time for a new clutch. Any other noise your clutch makes is either throw out barring or pilot barring. None of which are quick or easy to replace, so I wouldn't do them until it is time for a clutch. If the mounts are only a year old, than they're probably still good, visually check them out first. If you have to replace them go OEM, I bought both mine real cheap from NAPA for about $30 each...... as far as this goes:

    "also, which driving, if I hit the gas and remove my foot, I can hear " clink " sound"

    I don't think there is a single person here who can help you.
  9. The clunk is you taking power out of the drivetrain. Stick cars are a lot less forgiving than autos because they are more direct drive
  10. Inspect the trans mount, if the thing is broken it can lead to your trans actually bouncing around back there if you come off the pedal really fast or if you corner really hard.

    I would take a look at all your suspension bushins, front and rear if you are hearing a lot of wierd noise and the car rides like crap.