set belt strap

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  1. seat belt strap

    so i thought i would post this. i found out about it when i got my seat done and ask what it was. its so funny how the salesman dont point out stuff. few examples my aat feature to lower window,rcs featue on radio and the little strap on the side of the seat to make it easier to grab. it also helps to keep the strap from slamming back and hitting the car :bang: so now i use it here is a pic
  2. From what I understand, most of the dealers didn't tell about this. Mine did. Just have to remember that even though it's magnetic it still "snaps" into place. If you don't snap it it will pop off.

    Another thing my dealer showed me, that most dealers didn't disclose, is that the cup holder, the closest one to the arm rest/consol, pops out to make a deeper holder.
  3. Hey Afixer a bit off topic but are your yellow doorsills painted or is it the vinyl lettering from ninosport? Looks good btw and i also love your leather seats :nice:
  4. My dealer didn't tell me either of those (Although he did deliver it to my work which was like 50 miles away from the dealership, so that was nice :p). I did find out about the deeper cup holder deal playing around with stuff trying to figure out how everything worked lol, and the seatbelt clip! I had no clue what that thing was used for, thanks alot for this post :)
  5. thanks yes nino sport you have to clean the sill very good or they dont stick good cool thing is he sends you 3 sets so i had a spare cause i messed up a letter. also all the little things i mean i didnt even notice the power plug in the center console either.
  6. Hey i have a questoin about the removal flap on the passenger side in the foot area, is that where the interior air filter is?
  7. when you say "snap" how hard do you push and does it make a snapping noise? just curious cause mine doesnt really "snap". doesnt make that noise like when buttoning a button..(does this make sense)