For Sale Set of 4 Pearl White Pony wheels for '92 Special Edition LX (Vibrant Red Version) - $800


New Member
Jul 9, 2018
Orange County, California
Full set of wheels for a '92 Vibrant Red LX Special Edition. white pearl wheels. 2 in excellent condition, 1 in great condition, and 1 in good condition (see pictures, note valve position for reference).

There are no large gouges in any of the wheels. All spokes are in excellent shape. 1 wheel has a couple scrapes on the bead. All caps are in great shape with no broken retention tabs.
I added a pic of the worst part on any wheel.

I can supply more pictures if you need, hard to tell condition with the flash on, so some don't have flash.

Asking $800.

I'm in SoCal, so shipping might be cheap or expensive depending on where you are.


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