Set of stock 17" anthracite bullit wheels w/ used tires-$300 local (buyer pays ship)

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  1. Wheels are in southwest Florida.
    Set of 4 used 17" OEM Mustang GT Wheels, these are the anthracite grey bullits. Comes with used tires w/ approx 22,000 miles on them. Very good condition, one of the tires has very minor curb rash. Pickup purchase is $300, or buyer pays shipping (I have no idea what that normally cost) my zip is 34108.
  2. Are these still available?
  3. yes, still available 34108 is my zip
  4. bump still available, shipping is going to be cost prohibitive for most people per the quotes I have gotten so far.
  5. bump, still avail
  6. SOLD

    TIRES SOLD, HAPPY HOLIDAYS...thread can be closed/deleted.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.