Setting My Expecations Realistically...

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  1. Here comes another combo threads.

    I have a low mileage PI 4.6 2v. I am considering:

    - Fox Lake P&P Trick Flow Track Heat 185 heads.
    - CMS 2v Stage 3 Blower Cams.
    - Vortech V-3 Si HO kit (includes intercooler).
    - Fuel & Spark upgrades.
    - Tune.

    I am hoping for 650-750 HP crank. Is this realistic? More? Less?

    Why spend all this money on a 2v when I could just buy a stock 4v or Coyote? Call it personal preference.

    Appreciate any replies.
  2. You're going to need to add a forged bottom end to achieve those kinds of numbers.
  3. Plan on a trans swap either built auto or t56 you're gonna probably wanna gut your rear end and upgrade everything inside (axles trac loc gears while you're at it) those are awful high numbers. I could be wrong but I believe you actually have to run larger fuel lines from the tank to the rails for that type of fuel demand. 600+ horses is a very very expensive endeavor.
  4. And a stock 4v from a termi is gonna put down 400 to the wheels. Unless you find used parts you're gonna spend 3000 on a whipple or kenne belle to get towards those numbers. Plus still upgrading fuel system
  5. Do it. Sounds freakin' awesome. But you will need a forged short block, probably a return style high flowing fuel system complete with bigger lines, multiple pumps, and larger fuel rails, injectors, MAF, an out of this world tune, bullet proof trans and rear end, plus some chassis and suspension stiffening. Don't forget some real sticky tires. I respect power built more than power bought. If you pull it off right, the owners of the new gt500s will never see you coming. You can't put a price tag on that kind of cool.
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  6. There's a couple real knowledgable guys on here making 700+ hopefully they catch your thread and throw in some input.