setting rotor timing

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  1. :scratch: I need help with the timing. I do have the firing order wich is as follows 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8. I have set cylinder #1 at TDC. and have set all the sparkplug wires accordingly on rotor cap. But, I still seem to be out of timing. I have placed rotor to point to #1 cylinder which is what my friend said is right! A'm I doing something wrong. Please advise. :shrug: Car seems to start and dies out after 3 seconds. The car is a 89 5.0
  2. How does it run when it starts? And does it take a long time to start? Also, have you thrown a timing light on it? Maybe your ignition timing is too far retarded.

    Also, by 90 5.0...well is it a 5.0 or a 5.0 HO? The GT's came with the HO, and the LX's and stuff got the standard 5.0. The firing orders on the two motors ARE different, so keep that in mind. A LOT of people get that mixed up...I did it once and the car ran like hell.
  3. :nonono: All the Factory V8 87-93 Mustangs got the same engine the - HO model.

    The 5.0 engine has always been the same for the Mustang LX & GT models.

  4. wow had me scared for a minute.... thanks for clearing that up jrichker!!
  5. Are you serious? I was always told the LX's got the standard version which was rated at only 200 hp.

    My apologies for spreading misinformation then.
  6. i dont have personal experience, but have read in here that if the dizzy is stabbed in on the exhaust stroke, it will briefly run, but act like you describe. you could feel some "compression" on the exhaust stroke, throwing you off.

    i could be totally off, but wanted to toss that out for someone to knock it down.
  7. yep, be sure you are on the compression stroke. Also put the cap on the distrib and mark on the distrib body where #1 post is. Usually when dropping the distrib the gears move the rotor at least 1 tooth as it meshes with the cam gear. I usually back the rotor at least a tooth before the #1 mark and as you drop it in it should be aligned with the mark.
  8. Be certain your firing order and rotation direction of the wiring on the cap is correct.

    1) Locate tdc on compression stroke by slowly rotating the engine (socket on crank pulley bolt) until the timing pointer is pointing at 0 tdc on the balancer on the correct stroke - which is the end of the compression stroke. You can pull the #1 plug and feel for air being forced out of the cyl., or you can remove the valve cover and note tdc on the balancer when both valves are completely closed. I prefer the second method as I believe there is less room for error.

    2) Once you've established that, rotate the engine back until the timing marker is pointing at the timing you'd like to set it at - let's say 12 degrees btdc.

    3) As best you can stab the distributor so that a) the rotor is pointing directly at the #1 plug wire AND b) the dist. module is about half way between the t'stat housing and the a/c bracket. That will give you room to adjust either way.

    4) That should position the timing close enough that she'll crank up. Then put a timing light on it and remove the spout - set it where you want it (it should be close) and tighten the dist. down; plug the spout back in.