Electrical Several accessories stopped working when car is on.


New Member
Apr 15, 2019
Louisville, KY
So as the title states, I have several electrical issues with my car recently. I drive a 95 GT Convertible. A while back my ignition key cylinder went out, and I've been (like a moron) driving without the trim pieces under the steering column, electing to start and stop my engine directly on the ignition switch. Well, a week or so ago there were several sparks where one or more wires touched the metal plate under the column and now I have even more wiring gremlins than before. My radio, clock, windows, windshield wipers, and possibly more do not work when the engine is running and the ignition switch is in the on position. They will only work when it's in auxiliary/accessory. I've already replaced the ignition switch itself (with the lever on it) but it hasn't resolved the issue. I did have a blown fuse and replaced it (and checked to make sure it didn't blow again) but that seems to have done literally nothing. I'm just wondering what else it could possibly be? Is there a power wire in the pigtail to the switch that could have shorted? I know these cars have ground issues since Ford elected to use really thin gauge wire.
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