Engine Several Spun Bearings 99’ V6 Mustang help


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Apr 18, 2021
Hello, new here so sorry if i mess something up lol.
Anyways, just got scammed out 800 dollars for a 99 v6 mustang that apparently just needed an alternator, radiator and battery
Replaced all those and when the car started a deathly rattle started from inside the car and the whole engine block was just shaking. decided its most likely rod knock and multiple spun bearings. The car literally had been beat to death.
I don’t want to give up on this car though so i just want a recommended path, Im open to taking it to a shop or doing it myself so any guidance is appreciated

heres a video of her starting: https://youtube.com/shorts/qR-GLZ8QId0?feature=share

Few other notes:
when i drained oil, coolant and metal shavings were heavily present in the oil
checking the new oil i put in, metal shavings all up in it
a random vacuum pipe is disconnected
I believe the engine mount is also screwed due to how heavily the engine is shaking when i start it
p.s my knowledge of cars is beginner level so take it easy on me :,)
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Aug 14, 2009
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My recommendation. Don't dig yourself into a deeper hole by attempting a V8 swap. There is way more to it for a modern PCM controlled car than older Mustangs. Stay with the V6 that the car came with.

Consider getting a compatible salvage yard motor and do the V6 motor swap/repair yourself. The Mustang does not have a difficult motor to swap. I have done the job in my driveway using nothing but hand tools and a rented engine crane.

Check out car-part.com for some example motor prices.

If you still want to attempt a V8 motor swap then get another V6 with a hurt motor. There should be tons out there to be had for very low $$'s.
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I third the replacement V-6 idea. It should not be hard to find a decent take out engine for this yet. A rebuilt from Marshall (blueprint) or the like is a longer term option.
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