Shaker 1000 and Navigation system

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  1. Does anyone know why you can't have the upgraded sound system and the navigation? When I find the correct street to be on, I want to be able to wake up the
  2. I wish I knew the answer also. The Challenger has both, why not the Stang?
  3. I have a Shaker 1000 in my 2005 and all it seems to be is a Shaker 500 with an extra pair of 10" subs in the trunk and a 500watt amp to run them. Seems to me anoyone out there is better off saving $1295 and using that money for something like the ~$500 powered MTX 12" sub, and have NAV if you want NAV.
  4. Also, if you want NAV, you could get the Shaker 1000 sound system & buy a GPS(Garmin or something) from your local electronics store. Just a thought, anyways.
  5. I prefer to have the intergrated Nav and the DVD player. My concern isn't about being able to get the extra bass, I was just wondering why it wasn't an option. I will probably just go to an audio dealer and get them to build me something custom to fit in the trunk.
  6. My guess is the nav cpu doesn't have enough power to push the subs in the back too.

    But, since I sell Fords, I'll tell you get the nav and upgrade with aftermarket subs. Cheaper and higher quality. Fords Nav is top of line (for now) so I wouldn't miss that if you have to have nav.
  7. I got the shaker 1000 in my car, bought a Motorola Droid on my Verizon plan, sync'd 'em, and now I have integrated nav with Pandora internet radio that work harmoniously together through the shaker 1000. No commercials, only the music I like, and the Google maps app is shytloads better than the Garmin I had. The app cuts into the music to give me a direction through the radio, then the music cuts back in. Sound quality is awesome and having a factory installed sound system means nobody was hacking around with my wiring harness. I've seem some real rats nests from people installing aftermarket sound in my old cars. About the only thing I lack from the true navi system is the screen in the dash, but honestly, I'd rather look at my droid mounted up on the windshield than be trying to look past my shifter to eye the map, and the droid has a bad ass HD display that rivals most top dollar GPS systems anyway, and it updates the maps automatically, unlike those pirate bastards at Garmin who want $100.00 to keep your GPS current.
  8. ^^

    +1 Use the Nav on your phone. It has a map, voice direction, and is portable so you can take it from car to car, or use it on foot. And it's cheap too.

    I don't know why car companies are touting elaborate Nav systems like they are such a huge upgrade when I can get the same features on a free cell phone for $8/month. LMAO
  9. Get the Nav... it's well worth it, especially the integration with everying else. It's seemless and impressive (for an American car).
  10. Because it is more than just navigation:
    YouTube - Voice Activated Navigation System
  11. Not to mention if you're unlucky enough to travel where you don't have a good cell signal. It's happened to me.
  12. I have the NAV and I like it when I was in the USA. Although I miss my subs. In Europe the NAV is worthless and I use my Tom-Tom to get around. Why they didn't make the thing useable across the pond? Somebody needs an a$$ whippin'.
  13. Agree and thats what I did on our truck. The premium sound was $1,800, I spent $2,000 but have a leaps and bounds better system. I feel the same about the optional wheels on the mustangs, I prefer some of the less expensive and better looking aftermarkets.
  14. Hey all,

    Just got a new '11 GT without the NAV and with the Shaker 500. I considered the 1000 and NAV but figured I could do better with aftermarket.

    I'm pretty happy with the 500 system but could see upgrading in the future. Any specific suggestions for an aftermarket amp and subs to the the 500 to the level of the 1000 without changing the head/main unit? Can the stock 500 speakers handle amp'd output without blowing?

    Has anyone added an aftermarket NAV system to an '11 (other than the smart phone options)? I'd like something that is in-dash, basically like the factory system.

  15. Congrat's on your '11 GT! But is it possible to even change out the factory radio? Wouldn't you lose SYNC if you did?
  16. I'm actually not sure on that--does anyone know what the aftermarket is offering (NAV, radio) that is compatible? I was thinking I could add an amp and subs to the factory radio but wondered if the stock speakers could handle the higher output?
  17. I agree 100%. I love my Garmin and even the gps on my cell phone. I would never get a built in nav seeing how fast technology changes.
  18. Yeah My wifes phone she just got has the NAV on it and that lil witch is sweet. :)
  19. my phone is also my Nav. so i decided to order the '11 GT w/o the nav. and just kept the Shaker 500. i dont listen to my music to loud so i dont need a system thats gonna wake the neighborhood lol.
  20. FWIW, the Shaker 1K has voice navigation via SYNC if you have a cell phone with data plan.