shaker 1000 VS GPS system...

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  1. OK newbie here, first post. Joined a few months ago when I had a 95 mustang gt, that got wrecked by an idiot who ran a red light. Bought a silverado. Love the silverado but I want something more muscle car for a daily driver and use the silverado to tow my boat. I was originally going with a 2010 camaro ss. But after three attempts to get an order in, all failed, I decided gm didnt want my money and to come back to ford. I love the new style, love the new interior and it looks sooooo much better than the camaro its not even funny, and they are sitting on dealer lots waiting to be sold. Add in the fact that ford is a secure company it just makes so much sense to get a mustang.

    Looking at a gt premium with a manual.

    But not sure whether to get the shaker 1000 or the GPS. I wish I could get both. both have their advantages and disadvantages.

    shaker 1000
    more power
    better system
    best avail

    none of the cool GPS feature
    no screen on the dash looks bad IMO

    all the cool features the new system has
    the cool screen

    only the 500 system is avail.

    So I ask you guys. Is there a huge difference in sound quality between the 500 and 1000. I love bass and dont want to mess with aftermarket in a system this complicated. I have an awesome system in my silverado with 1000w amp on subs and then 4 channel amped component speakers.

    But does the 500 go just as loud with a little less bass??

    thanks a bunch guys.
  2. Pretty much. The 500 sounds great, but you lack the 2 subs in the trunk. That is easily done though with a sub from a few different companies that make a "sub box" that fits in the trunk just like the shaker 1000 system, and plugs right into the factory 500.

    Speakers are much simpler, and cheaper. If they would have had a nav system for the 08's, I would have been all over that.
  3. Really. That sounds just like what im looking for. Got a link by chance. Or is it a dealer accessory. Also Can I ask if the dealers are doing the super charger option. I wouldn't mind an extra 4k to get to camaro level HP and still have it all under warranty.
  4. I went with the shaker 1000. Not a big fan of factory nav units though. If you go with the nav ask them when the software was last updated and when (and more importantly) how much it cost to update the software. These normally need to be done yearly to get the new roads (assuming you are in an area that is growing).

    I persoanlly go with a portable unit as I can take it in all of my cars and it was only a 5th the cost of one factory nav unit.