Shaker 500 issues!!

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  1. Anyone else having issues with their CD player skipping through playing the first minute and then jumping to the next song? It only does it on occassion and it may not do it to the same song for another week then do it again. I also had an issue with the cd player/radio freezing and I had to turn the car off to get it to respond!!!

    Anyone have this happen to them??
  2. Yes, I've noticed some random skips, etc. with my Shaker 500 as well.
  3. How old is your car? I'm wondering (make that hoping) that the problem is related to older units.

    For what it's worth, and consider the source, but one dealer I visted to check out some new Mustangs said that they've only had 1 or 2 cars come back with issues related to the Shaker. I hope he's right and that perhaps the issue is isolated to older stereos.
  4. It's happened time to time but typically on the same song on the same disc so probably a marginal burned CD.
  5. is it a burned CD? they are fussy with burned CDs for some reason. if that is your only problem, and it happens only once in a while, then i say dont mess with it. :)
  6. I've had problems with burned CDs that I burned too fast (48x). Especially mp3 discs; they would have all sorts of skips, silence, jumping around to different songs - all sorts... The solution seemed to be burning them at a very slow speed - 16x or LESS... I've not had a problem with songs skipping/not playing/etc since.

    Way back when I got the car (late '05), after my first car wash, I noticed the radio having a bit of trouble simply 'working.' It would respond slow to any input, shut itself off, anything but work correctly. I don't know what the problem was, but it's fine now.
  7. Yeah this is something that seems to be coming up more and more now. Try burning the CD's a much lower rate. The high speed drives and discs I guess are probably at the very edge of what they can realistically handle.
  8. Are there any issues, concerning conventional CD's ??

    Are you all, experiencing the same problems, with just Mp3 and burnt CD's ? or also, with regular pre-recorded CD's, as well...Maybe, it's just me..But it seems like, nobody has reported any problems, concerning pre-recorded or conventional CD's..:shrug:
  9. Buy better blank discs and burn at a slower speed.
  10. Get an Alpine unit and have easy access to satellite radio and your ipod and much better sound.
  11. Yes, I'm on my 3rd shaker head unit... the first one skipped with ANY cds, the 2nd jammed up with 6 BRAND NEW store bought cds (took over 2 weeks to get the cds back from ford). So far this 3rd one is decent. It only skips on burned cds. The other annoying thing is that it puts breaks between songs, so CD's like Pink Floyd or my Pearl Jam bootlegs that are live type recording and go from one song to the next, end up with a break between songs instead of just flowing right along. As soon as my warranty is up (probably another 3 months) I'll buy a better head unit.
  12. I have had the same problem with my Shaker 500. I do not recall it having happened on anything but burned discs though. It would skip, play split seconds, and eventually i had to shut the car down to make it stop. It has however not happened since using the same discs (mix of wav and mp3 audio all home burned).
  13. My Skipper 500 is junk as well! Warranty ends soon so i plan on getting a replacement from ford, my unit is a early production model. Service manager said to wait till this fall for latest model from the 2007 which has many upgrades. Maybe they will get it right this time.
  14. No it does it with store bought CD' has happened to several different CD's to include 1 that it failed to read at all. I also noticed the VERY slow response to inputs or the random "reading CD" message when just changing tracks. I picked the car up on April 14th it is fairly new. Really starting to upset me...gald I did not pay for the 1000...I would really be mad.
  15. That's all I needed to hear, even though I have 2 yrs. remaining on my factory warranty, and another 5 yrs, remaining on my ESP extended warranty, that I purchased..I've finally had all I can tolerate, with this piece of garbage shaker 500, which not only skips, no matter what CD's are used, but I've also noticed, that even while the radio is on, that the sound quality, becomes real muddy off and on, like as though the treble and bass, seem to fade, in and out, except for the midrange..So I'm going to seriously consider, going with a Kenwood head unit.. Has anyone else, also experienced similar problems, with their radio's as well..??:shrug:
  16. Funny you mention the "muddy" sound....I thought it was just me but I also have noticed that mine does it...sorta like a speak goes out and then comes back on or like it switches from 'stereo" to "mono" and back. I am taking it back to the dealer....I also have the ESP.....
  17. :rlaugh: i was just asking the wife if she heard this same thing. seems like one speaker comes and goes.
  18. I am on my 2nd Shaker 500 and this one likes to skip. I only have used store bought CD's in it because of that issue. I occasionally get the bad CD but it will take that CD on the next try. I will be having this one replaced very soon.
  19. Yes, that's exactly what, I was trying to describe..And here's another way, of what I mean by muddy..It almost sounds like someone turning their graphic equalizer's frequency settings, all the way down past -10.. Although, these shaker 500's don't have an EQ, that's the best way, I can think of, to describe the sound, as having that real flat muffled tone, off and on..If you know what I mean ?? :shrug:
  20. red05...thats exactly the sound I sucks....