Shaker 500 issues!!

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  1. Just adding my woes here. I have an '06 that right out of the gate had problems and I have replaced the Shaker 500 SEVERAL times all to no avail. The problems are varied and I have even resorted to using only store bought CDs to see if that helps. Ford says it's a problem identified with Delphi and that I have to keep swapping units until I find one that works.. Glad it's under warranty.
  2. Get an aftermarket and forget about it. You'll be glad you did.
  3. Shaker 1000 does the same thing. I am on my 3rd one so far so good . Knock on wood
  4. You sure got that right, it sucks..And this is my third skipper 500.. If you want my honest opinion, I'll tell you why Ford can't fix these problems ?? It's because you can't fix products, that are junk to begin with..Plus, I'm sure, that you're all aware who delphi's parent company, happens to be right ??, if not.. I'll give you a clue, what does GMC really stand for ?? The answer, GENERAL MESS of CRAP :lol: So warranty or no warranty, I'm pulling that piece of garbage out, and have an aftermarket head unit installed..Just what in the hell, was Ford thinking anyway ?? never mind, I get it..profit margins BTW, I didn't intend to offend, any of the GM guy's out there..I'm just venting my frustration, towards Ford..and I'm sure you guy's would feel the same way, If GM installed Ford products, in their vehicles, that were experiencing similar problems..
  5. Anyone make a indash 6 cd change that fits "perfectly" in the radio spot??
  6. It's the factory amps going into protection. Basically, they overheat. Next time it does this, quickly feel the amps in the driver's side kickpanel...then go get the aloe. Those sumbishes are hot.

    It is also possible that the tweeter protection circuit has kicked in. It prevents the tweets from blowing (to an extent).
  7. Get an ipod and a unit such as an Alpine that will control it from the head unit and you won't need a 6 disc changer. My new Alpine controls my ipod, satellite radio and has an input for a changer if I want one. It only has a 1 disc player in the head unit. But guess what, I never listen to the CD. I always listen to the ipod or satellite. An ipod can hold 4,000 or more songs. Who needs CDs? The alpine doesn't fill the space so I now have a nice storage space under the head unit. I know of no CD changers that will fit in the dash. But again , who needs one?
  8. You mean they overheat, from just having the volume set at the 12:00 postion ?? geez that's only at half volume and yet it still, get's that hot ?? well, so much for being rated at 500 watts. Thanks to what you just shared, There's no doubt, this skipper 500, is not only junk, but cheap as well...As, I previously said..GMC= GENERAL MESS of CRAP...:lol:
  9. I have my IPOD in the car... FM transmitter but I still like the fact that I can toss a couple of CD's in if I find new ones I want at the store... I guess I will have to break down and upgrade the system... what a POS.
  10. Get an Alpine. You'll get the ipod controls in the head unit. You'll thank yourself.
  11. i have had good luck with my shaker500. i have the "G" version.
  12. I have the Shaker 1000 and never have problems, but im dumb enough to yank it and replace everything
  13. "G", as in good version ? perhaps, it's not so much of a quality issue, that's the real problem with these shakers..Maybe, the problem is more related to software programming..From what I understand, don't these shakers, require some sort of programming to them ?? :shrug:
  14. there is programming required, but i dont know much about it. there was a thread last year about how to see which version you have. i tested mine and found i have the "G" version. most people had bad experiences with the "A" and "B" versions. i dint hear anything about other versions. my car was built 10/04 and as far as i know the shaker was never replaced.

    i dont remember the test procedure, but a search MIGHT turn up some esults. the thread was here on SN.
  15. Now I'm really confused..Being that your car was built on 10/04 and one of the earlier 05's..Wouldn't you have either the A or B version ?? Because my build date was on 2/05 and I believe that I now have the C version..Before my dealership, replaced the first shaker..I was lead to believe, that my original shaker, was the A version and afterwards, was replaced with the B version, and now I'm still having the same problems, with this C version.. If that's what it is..
  16. thats what i thought. someone posted "oh no, you have the dreaded G version", but that is the last i have heard about a G version. :shrug: i have had good luck with mine, suprisingly.
  17. There's one to find out..I'll just check with my local dealer, what the latest version is..And I'll give that, one last shot..If I have any of the same problems, with the latest version..I'm just going to have an aftermarket head unit installed, I'll keep you posted about the both the G version and whatever, the latest version happens to be..:shrug:

  18. this guy must be an alpine dealer...he is all over the site and this thread selling alpines LOL
  19. Yeah, and Alpine doesn't even make half the unit that they did 3 years ago. They cut out more features than even Ford's beancounters would allow.