Shaker 500 Upgrade Questions

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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here. I primarily wanted to get on board because I want to learn some stuff and frankly, I'm sick of the friends to claim they know stuff and really don't. I've got a fully loaded (stock factory upgrades) 2011 black Mustang V6 with what I assume fromis the Shacker 500 system (the 1000 was only for GT's from my understanding). I want to get some real sound and bass going but I don't know if the 500 is enough watts and if not should I go with a new head unit (and deal with all the connections in the car) or if I'm set with a sub and amp that puts out 500 watts. I was looking into a kenwood package and the subs are 2-12". Please let me know any advice or direction you pro's may have for a new guy. I used to have a 2001 mustang and I remember the upgraded system sucked for after market add on's and I'mhoping it's not the case here. Thanks guys!
  2. As far as I know, Ford did away with the 500 and 1000 designations. They either have the Shaker or the Shaker Pro.
  3. my 07 gt had the 500 and i just tossed a sub and amp in trunk, grabbed signal from behind the head unit and was good to go! The only thing i didn't like is i had to turn the volume of the sub up and down separate from the deck volume, but i had the same issue w/ my shaker 1000 i had in my 02 gt.
  4. Yeah, it's probable the regular shaker than, but thanks. Anyone know the watts on the head unit? Opinions on going with a Kenwood 500 amp and 2 12" subs? I've heard switch to 1-10" and also to change out the head unit to go to 1000 watts so I'm trying to find the best way to get some bang without worry of losing options the head unit is controlling in the car.
  5. Seriously? I have the 500 and it gets plenty loud, and I'm a pretty young guy (30). WTF are you trying to make this thing do??
  6. On the subject of amps and subs, go with Alpine if you can. Great quality for the money. Kenwoods tend to be less reliable.
  7. Keep on playing the loud music and you'll be deaf by the time you're forty. Do you also drive down neighborhood streets with your windows open and the sound turned way up?

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  9. I did not upgrade my Shaker system when ordering the car, because I thought 500 watts was plenty. The system does indeed put out plenty of volume (for me), but I don't know whether I actually believe it is putting out a true 500 watts, or maybe the speakers are just inefficient? My home retro stereo system has a Pioneer SX-1980 at heart, putting out 270 clean watts per channel, and it is MUCH louder than the Shaker system... but then again, the home speakers are more efficient, too.
  10. Upgrade the speakers and the Shaker system sounds fine. The speakers they put in the door are complete sh*t.
  11. The "speakers" making noise are those mufflers behind the rear bumper:D
  12. Ok, I'm going to jump into this thread with a similar, yet different request.

    I have the Shaker 500 in my '11 GT, and as it was in my '07 GT, it kinda blows. I'm happy with the stock look and volume, but the quality of the sound is rather horrible. My '95 GT with the Mach 460 radio sounded WAY more dynamic, and that's what I want. Complete dynamic range, not just muddy bass.

    A. Can I just replace all of the speakers and get a good range of sound?
    B. If "yes," what do you guys recommend?
  13. The stock speakers are amazingly cheap and replacing them makes a world of difference. Most guys I've talked to just change out the door speakers and have been satisfied with the sound improvement. They are really easy to replace too.
    The 2 speakers on the rear deck are a pain to get to and you'd be better off getting a professional to do them just to save you the headache. That is if you decide to replace them at all.