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  1. Hey guys. I'm looking for some info on the shaker 500 system and Ford's site was not very helpful. I'm in Iraq right now so I can't just go look at one. Anyway I've seen somethings that say six speakers and some that say eight, which is it? What brand is it, I know that at one time Bose made the systems for the Mustang, do they still? What size speakers does it have and where are they located? Does it have an i-pod hook up? Is it sataliete ready. I have an '08 GT Premuim on order so I was curious about the shaker system. Thanks.

  2. Hey man, I know you're in the desert so I'm going to help you out. My car has one of these stereos. That I can see the car has 4 speakers, 2 in the door and 2 in the back, and In addition it has 2 subs in the doors. (it is possible that they may be compound speakers so Ford calls them 8 out of a technicality)

    It has an auxiliary imput standard inside the glovebox (next to a spare 12v jack) so you can plug in an MP3 player of sorts. I think just about any Ford radio system these days can be out fitted with either satellite or an iPod jack at the dealership but for the ipod I"ve seen the kits sold online too.

    I'm sure Bose isn't making the system, that would explain why the sound is rich in treble, strong in bass but is lacking in the midrange. Bose systems would have a more complete sound. That is really the only complaint that I have other then that it's a really good system for stock.
  3. I hate mids, so I really like my Shaker 500. :nice:
  4. i believe the shaker 500 has 6, and the 1000 has eight.
  5. According to Fomoco the 500 has 8 and 1000 has 10 but i'm willing to bet they're counting the number of subs in there too
  6. I may be wrong, but this is the best I can figure out at this time as to the number of speakers in the Shaker 500.

    There are 2 full range speakers, 2 Audiophile 2-way speakers, and 2 door mounted subwoofers. Apparently Ford counts the Audiophile speakers as a total of 4. So Ford says there are 8 speakers, even though there are only 6 speaker enclosures.

    Ford says there are 4 speakers in the base audio system, and that they are full range. Since the only additional enclosures on the Shaker 500 are the subwoofers, I am guessing that Ford counts the Audiophile speakers as 2 each.

    You have two speaker enclosures in each door (including the subs) and two speakers mounted in the trunk under the parcel shelf.

    I don't know how much better you will be able to do when you actually get your car!
  7. If you are interested in ipod controls, the Shaker 500 has an aux plug and you still control everything from the ipod. And aftermarket stereo sounds better, costs less and has much better controls for the ipod.
  8. Visteon makes the shaker units. Not sure who makes the speakers.
  9. My shaker Sytem is glitchy, it keeps scanning on its own and going back to channel 2 on its own. It prohibits me from playing CDs properly, seems like it has gotten worse. I want to pull it out!! Can someone please tell me how to pull it out so i can see what the problem is??? HELP!
  10. The Shaker 500s have been a lot of trouble. The problems you describe are common. That's one of the reasons I replaced mine and the fact I wanted better ipod controls.
  11. i got a 2008 gt and it came with the shaker, my front speakers blew 2 days after i had the car with like 12 miles on it & i'm the first owner so i know there wasn't anyone before me to rag them out.

    there's a plug in the center console for the ipod, you can just go to walmart & get the plug for like $7 & my car came with sirius free for 6 months, i sure do miss it :(
  12. I used that plug with my radio and ipod before replacing the unit. You have to control everything from the ipod and that is dangerous while driving down the road.
    Thank goodness Ford has replaced the systems with better units in the 2010.
  13. and that's why i'd like a 2010 gt, even though everyone i know says they look ugly, i love them. and the inside is so much better than the older models.