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  1. Hey there guys. A while back there was a guy on here who had installed a shaker scoop in his Mustang II. I am definatly planning on doing this but I couldn't remember for the life of me who that guy was. He emailed me a long time ago telling me exactly step by step how he did it and where he got his parts etc but I no longer have that email. If someone knows of a thread about this subject or knows who this guy is please forward it on to me. My email address is [email protected] Thank you guys for your time.

  2. I think you may be talking about Dave Wilson. Dave is a knowledgeable guy whom I've talked with a couple of times. If you ask questions I can answer most all of them for you as I've talked a lot about doing this modification and I have all the parts necessary. There are a lot of decisions you have to make if you go this route. For example if you go with an original shaker setup then either the midplate or base will need to be cut to move the shaker over an inch. Deciding which one is a difficult decision. Original midplates cost a lot off e-bay so cutting it up isn't for the faint of heart. Bases are plentiful however you are limited by the height at which your engine sits relative to your hood. The aftermarket makes a fiberglass version of the shaker w/midplate and base but I've not seen many people use them. It seems large fiberglass cowl induction hoods are much more popular than aftermarket shakers.

  3. Wow, it is rare that you see one that high but I have seen them go for nearly 5k for a complete setup. The original Ford seal is much thicker than the aftermarket and impossible to find.

  4. Hey there fella's! Yeah I have spent some time a few years ago looking into shakers. For origanal parts its considerably expensinve from what I've seen on Ebay and several shops I've contacted. I found a place called and if you look under Mustang 351c they sell them for 302 and 351 smallblocks. The site says to use a Tarino midplate for the 302 so it will bring the shaker up 3/4inch more. But I don't know if that is with a stock intake or what. See I am running an Edlebrock air gap intake and I will be putting a Nitrous plate between the intake and carb. I don't really know of a good way to find out how much space is between the top of the carb and the hood. And even then how much space is needed for the shaker to fit right and have a correct seal between the gasket and hood. I've heard about the 1 inch offset to the drivers side as far as having to cut the midplate and center the shaker in the middle of the hood. Also I really have no idea exactly what parts are all needed to make this shaker instalation totally complete. At it says the whole reproduction kit complete is $475.00 and for the Tarino $600.00. I tried contacting the site and they had never gotten back to me. So I don't know if there is more to the instalation I will need than what they say is the complete set up or what. Its hard to tell from the few pictures they show. I think they only show a base, midplate, and shaker. I'm sure there is more to it than that. Tell me what you guys think about what that site has to offer and get back to me on it. I guess if worse comes to worse I'll try and find the cheapest origanal parts I can find but even then I'm sure it isn't going to be even close to as cheap as the reproduction stuff.

    Thanks guys for all your time.

  5. sells all fiberglass versions of the shakers. The only thing that isn't fiberglass is the small lid that holds the air cleaner down. The good thing about Fordramair shakers is you get everything you need... new hood seal, trim ring, base, midplate, air cleaner lid, shaker, etc. Some of those parts you have to get reproduction.. for example I bought my trim ring and hood seal from fordramair. I don't think you would get a shaker to fit your car with a Nitrous plate. The shaker is already a tight fit on the II. For example you can't run a Victor intake with a shaker.

  6. dunno if this is relevant to you guys..but my friend has a Mach 1 (2004) shaker hood on his fox body 302
  7. Don't know how well it would work, but CDC sells a shaker

    also, banshee made one for the fox body that'd work really well, but I just tried their site and apparently they're not in business anymore. Might find one on eBay. A guy on here that goes by mustangramair has one, though I don't know how often he comes around anymore.
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  9. Well I guess it looks like I'm going to have to figure out a good way of taking some pretty acturate measurements than. If the shaker is a tight fit without having any kind of nitrous plate than I suppose I will not be able to run a shaker on my car. What do you guys know about the cowls that guys on running on the II. What kind of cowl from what vehical and where the got them from. I have seen several II's with a cowl and it does look pretty damn sweet if you ask me. Maybe that will be the route I will have to take. It would be a shame to not be able to run the shaker though. I was really looking forward to that. Thanks guys

  10. I was thinking the exact same thing. I bought one of those fiberglass reproductions off of eBay. It looks really good on the outside. The air cleaner portion of it (blue base) doesn't look so hot. I have a high rise Weiand manifold which already neccessitated cutting a hole in the hood so the air cleaner would fit. I turned the scoop around and left it uncut, so the hole is covered. But, I had visions of a shaker. After receiving the unit and doing all the measurements, it was quite clear it wouldn't work, so I put it on the shelf. But recently I started thinking about putting one of those fiberglass cowls on. Even the 03-04 Mach 1s had a raised center section on the hood, so why not do that on the '78? It should work just fine. Now, where to find that cowl....
  11. Cowl Induction on the II

    Yeah exactly my question also. Where to find the cowl. I've seen several of the II's with the cowl but I don't think I've ever actually seen or heard of any talk of what company they got it from or from off of what car the cowl came from. What I'd really like to do now that I know I won't be able to run a shaker is to put a maybe 2 1/2 cowl on there and make a functional flap for when you hit the throddle it flaps up and down. Now that would be friggin sweet. I wouldn't even know where to find one of those. I couldn't even think of what car even came with one. I'd like to find a steel cowl actually and weld it to the hood and blend it all in and make it look like it was supposed to be there. If anyone knows of what kind of cowl I may be looking for shoot off some info. I'd appreciate it. A while back I seen a yellow II with a cowl that looked real nice. It had a 4.6L I think supercharged and some Torque Thrust II's on it. There out there yuh just gotta contact the guys who had done it and get some insite on this issue. Once again thanks guys.

  12. I've been wanting to try this also. I called Goodmark a year or so ago and talked to one of their tech folks about purchasing the sheetmetal skin for a 69 Z-28 hood, but they said the hoods were stamped and assembled overseas and they did not have just the skin. You could just purchase the whole hood and cut the scoop off. Another issue was the length. If I remember correctly, the II hood is about 42" long at the center and the Z-28 hood was several inches longer (47"?) not counting the overhang at the cowl. This would require sectioning the hood to make it shorter. Perhaps another hood would be shorter, such as a 68 Nova or a S-10 hood. You would not get the flapper with those hoods though.
  13. The 4 inch outlaw scoop is the one I have on my cobra clone. I never talked to the guy ,but after studying the pics from the yellow 4.6 powered tang. I would say he cut the hood ,,raised the center,made some sides and welded them in. Nice job. My nephew did the same thing to a ranger hood. Looks cool.
  14. cowl

    Alright so I take it the older Z28 or Vette are the only cars with the flappers on them? If so I'm sure there is a way to shorten that up and make it work. That would obviosly take some effort. If I went with a shorter one to fit the length of the II hood what companies out there sell steal cowls of all lengths and sizes? I definatly don't want to go with a 4". Thats not quite the look I'm going for. I just want something more of along the lines of 2 1/2". If anyone has pictures from other II's with the cowl please post them I want to check out how other guys did theres and how well it worked out for them looks wise and all. Thanks again for you time fellas.

  15. I have all the info on my car if you like this one...
    And the underside view...
  16. Yeah actually that would be great if you could give me all the info on that cowl. I would appreciate it.

  17. So heres the scoop on the scoop! What you see on the car is a result of endless measurements and internet searching, then customizing by me. I love this scoop cause the center ridge is identical to the OEM II hood! Anyway, I found this scoop and came up with a plan, believe it or not it is a scoop made by Unlimited products from a 69 Chevelle hood curve. Heres what you need to do, Oh BTW it IS Bolt on, no glassing in needed.
    1) Get hood scoop SC-124 (link below)
    2) Place on Mustang II hood and mark the length you want.
    3) Cut the end of the scoop off duplicating the overhang cut.
    4) Reinforce the new end underneath with fiberglass to prevent sagging.
    5) Paint/Bolt on, The curve matches real well, no adjustment needed. I cut off 7 inches, (measured from the top and then did the cutback) Making it 42 inches from point to end. The original hit the window.
    Oh yes, one other thing, I put foam tape underneath to prevent paint chipping when you close the hood. Heres the link:
    Anyway glad to share, if it helps the II image YEA BABY!
  18. The late Mach 1's (2003?, 2004?) have quite a prominent hood bulge with the shaker sticking through.

    Part of CDC's shaker kit ( is a plastic bulge for the non-Mach 1's used to clear the hood. I think that a custom hood bulge is what you need rather than a cut up cowl scoop.

    Here's a couple of ideas:

    -Install the full shaker assembly and cut your hood to clear. Have a body shop lay up a raised area with foam to clear the shaker. Cover the foam with fiberglass, remove the foam and finish.

    -Install the full shaker assembly and determine the amount of space you need under the hood. Carry the hood to a good body/sheetmetal shop and have them do the trick that the guy with the DOHC 4.6 used, i.e. split the hood at the side contours and splice in additional metal.

    The downside to both of these is that they are liable to be a bit expensive compared to a $60 fiberglass cowl hood scoop, but I think that either would look better.

    Bodyparts Unlimited ( claims they will install any fiberglass scoop on one of their fiberglass hoods for $150. Unlimited Products has a good selection of cowl scoops, but no MII hoods ( There are other vendors like Harry Glass that claim they will make you a MII hood.