Shaker on the 78

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  1. Mstng2, your car is a jaw dropper. I've had pics of your car saved for some time, I don't even remember where I got them originally. Your cowl is *precisely* what I was thinking of when I envisioned a shaker on top of it. Might be a bit tall... Good job on your research. That is a perfect match, I figured for sure it had to be custom. How tall is it?
  2. It is actually 3 1/4 inches high at the tallest part near the rear. It was a perfect fit for the 351W with an RPM airgap intake, holley carb, and 10' air cleaner.
  3. Harry glass hood shown. Runs nose to windshield (includes cowl).

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  4. I see you said you said that cowl you had on there was 3 1/4 tall. With what you mentioned you were running under it how much space would you say you have between the air cleaner wingnut and the under portion of the cowl with the hood shut. I like the way it looks alot. My buddy Tom who is the guy painting my car at his shop doesn't like the front and sides how its not blended into the car. I don't really know what to think about that. I've seen some II's with the cowl blended into the car and either its a bad blend job or I just didn't care for the way it looked blended period. And as for the thread about adding metal to the middle portion of the hood, that starts getting me worried. Next thing you know the hood isn't fitting right and I can see nothing but problems. Doing that worries me but I tell you one thing. That would be the way to do it and make the shaker work for me. And it would look sweeter than sweet I think. I don't know how the integrity of the hood would hold up though. I'm sure plenty of reinforcment would need to be added. And if you did lift the middle whatever the extra demension would be that would be how much open space you would have revealing at the back side of the hood by the firewall showing you the engine bay as your driving your car down the road. So then it would be like putting a cowl induction on your car, cutting a hole in the center of the cowl and then running a shaker scoop. It just sounds crazy. I've got some thinking and some homework to do. Plus all these cowls I see are fiberglass I would really like to go steel and weld it on. I'm sure with all this talk about cowls and shakers by the time I actually do figure it out its gonna be friggin awsome. Thanks again fella's. Its all good good information for me. Its helping out alot.

  5. Oh I forgot to mention how bad I've been wanting to see that DOHC 4.6 again. I forgot what it looked like and have been dieing to see it again. If anyone has pics post em PLEASE!
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  7. There is only about 1/4 inch clearance between the top of the scoop and the air cleaner wingnut, so my motor et al pokes out of the hood 3 inches, without the scoop on. But consider that its a 351W with an RPM airgap intake sitting in there. I went with the no blend into the hood because there is no really good way to blend a fiberglass scoop onto a metal hood without tons of hassle, hours and hours of work, and when your done every single one I have ever seen, that gets daily use, cracks along the seem eventually looking cheesy and messing up an otherwise nice hood. The 2001 + stangs with the bullit scoop are just sitting there not blended. They look good so I decided to go that route as well.
  8. Mustang II hoods are a dime a dozen. Hell, I've got 4 hoods myself.
    I say, if you want the shaker with your current engine set-up, than go for it. If your like me, you'll never be satisfied with it, until you get it the way you want it.
    I haven't tried this, and I'm not saying it will be easy, but it's definately do-able. Just remember this with anything you do on the body, measure twice, measure 10 times if you need to, then cut. And if you mess it up, (which I doubt you will) another II hood is just around the corner. And a valuable lesson has been learned.
  9. svi00521qz.jpg
    I dont know who made it :shrug: markings or name, but its polished aluminum and fits over a 10 inch Edelbrock air cleaner assembly.I dont have a better pic right now. fits well but its on a Cleveland with an Offy intake.

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  10. Nice car! i forgot how nice those wheels looked on the II. (don't see them much on IIs anynore)

    Think you could post more pics of that car! especially the engine/bay area? I've only seen 1 II with a cleveland it in and the engine bay was un-touched. The cleveland in that II had stock manifolds on it too.

    Could that scoop be made by Cal-Custom? I know they made some similiar.
  11. Right nw Im in Atlanta, but when I get back Ill see what I can do. I dont have a digital camera yet so My friend will prolly let me borrow his.:SNSign: