Mach 1 Shaker scoop

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Cory281, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, I 've got a 01 GT, but I'm getting the karkraft skaker kit for it. When it's raining hard or when you wash it do you ever have water go into the skaker and get sucked into your intake?
  2. The rain is'nt gonna get in your shaker. Maybe if it sat in a hurricane and the rain was blowing sideways, otherwise no. When I wash my Mach and am washing the soap off the hood, I stand by the driver or passenger door and spray from the back to front of the hood, that way avoiding any possible water from being shot into the shaker if you stood in front of the car and sprayed toward your car.
  3. That might possibly be a problem if the intake was a "true ram air" setup with a pressurized intake. Air doesn't really get "sucked" into the shaker, more like it's "allowed" to flow through it. The main source of intake air for a Mach 1 is still the passenger side fenderwell, with the shaker as a secondary source. Plus it has enough drainage available before the air actually gets to the filter.