Shakira in a Shelby GT500E

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  1. Well the title pretty much explains it. I just saw the video for the song "don't bother". Not a big fan of the song, but OH MY GOD, those who have seen it know what I'm talking about. I couldn't think of a better car for her to writhe around Check it out if you havn't seen it.
  2. u can def tell that car had a big block in it b/c that seat must have been vibrating sooo much that she was basically screwing it..still a **** for crushin it though...i mean y crush it donate it to me even without an engine!!if not me then at least to :SNSign:
  3. The car she drove was totally different than the one she crushed. The dudes car was a Foose one I think look at the headlights and the rims and the stripe along the bottom. The car she wrecked looked nothing like that it was missing everything. I doubt most people will notice that like we will. All they did was take a rusted out stang from a farmers field paint it the same colour and stick some random rims on it . Still a shame though.
  4. No denying that girl is fine as hell.

  5. It wasnt a foose one, it was a vintage stang that she was driving.. a clone of the 67' nick cage drove in gone in 60 seconds.. the one crushed was a pos not the real thing.. it was definatly a rusted out farm stang :D
  6. i wish i could see her shakira's

  7. yeah, she but I think she was hotter before she went mainstream...
  8. She looks like she is trying to hard to get people to listen to her music by being a whore, because she knows her music sucks so bad. Honestly who sits in their stang and rubs it on their tits, and gets hot from it. (don't get me wrong I love my stangs but I am not about to rub my weiner all over it) She needs to get off the shift knob, cross her legs, and then write her own music like any self respecting artist would do.
  9. The one he was driving was like the one in Gone in 60 seconds
    The one up on the fork lift looked like a silver coupe
    The one crushed looked like the exact footage from the movie:shrug:

    EDIT: So in my not very expert opinion it looks like nothing was destroyed for the video.
  10. That video pissed me off. I was drooling over that car AND her right up until she crushed it. **** that ****. I dont care how hot she is, that was a SHELBY GT500.

  11. It's the thought that counts. LOL
  12. I do?

    LOL :shrug:
  13. I probly would to.

  14. Bless you :hail2:

    This next shot is for you! :nice:

    ...Shakira is like a 9.79 in my book. Only Claire Danes and Natalie Portman can put her down :)
  15. OMG, clean the sand from your vaginas and get over it all of you

  16. I'm Mr. Lova Lova :p
  17. Shakira might be a 7 or 8 in my eyes if she'd pick ONE friggin' hair color, not do her hair up like some French poodle that's been spun in a clothes dryer, and remove those bags of silicone from her chest. But then, I'm a little picky that way... :D

  18. That's a funny ha ha.:nice: