Shakira in a Shelby GT500E

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  1. Farm stang or the real thing, that was pretty straight, no need to kill it. Couldn't they get the same point across with an SRT or an import? Jeez!
  2. I didnt even listen to the song just skipped through. That song sucks!! Oh and the gt500 in gone in sixty seconds was a foose one, they had a special about it.
  3. Shakira is an 11 in my book. She's responsible for me coming to the conclusion that I am bisexual. :drool: LOLLL

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, BOOBIES...
  4. I didn't see any boobies?
  5. <leghumping> View attachment 481385 </leghumping>
  6. :rlaugh:

    I'm all yours baybeeeee. :nice: