Shameless picture thread...

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  1. When I got the car back my painter said he wasn;t happy with it at all and I was supposed to bring it back for a reshoot. I was thinking of doing the car to look like an american flag or something
  2. IMO, a super yuck. dont make it one big friggin flag.
  3. Since you are SO CLOSE to me, you could buy these REALLY cheap and NOT have to pay S/H

    BTW: shooting for Towers 8/27
  4. WERD!
    That's is Nice, but should be on a Chevy PU Truck
  5. Can't go to towers school starts on the 23rd and I am no longer a Hookie. Now I am a Seminole :banana:
  6. Lol, sorry RC... Stock tri-bars stay for now... I'm a broke college student. :rlaugh:
  7. Old pics, it will look better in week with the rest of the body kit, new hood, new paint, and shaved trunk the shop right now, :D
  8. [ Homer Voice ]

    Mmmmm Engine Chrome :drool:

    [ / Homer Voice ]
  9. What are "chrome tri-bars?"
  10. The front rim is a "chrome tri-bars" these where stock 17' rims that came in aluminum and some in chrome.
  11. Dude, the Bullitts are definately the cats ass on 94/95s. I have the charcoals on my white '95......... :nice:
  12. cats ass- that's a new one. Anyways, whose bullits are you talkin about or are you saying just in general. the 10.5s with the lip are cool

    *new pics coming soon*
  13. those tri-bars are tight in chrome :rolleyes:
  14. 2 New pics:

    Just cleaned the engine!



    Pic of the Tribars for sale!

  15. Anyone interested in buying tribars? I have 4 in very good condition and 1 that's been curbed (but is straight and can be used as a full spare) - $350 for all 5 (plus shipping) or if you are in or near CT would consider meeting up somewhere.

  16. [​IMG]
  17. ooops, didn't mean to dis - skimmed thru the thread so fast missed your 4-sale
  18. Mine :D

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  19. [​IMG]

    is urs the one with the tonneu cover thing? either way, they all look ****in