Shameless thread for killing time

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  1. In leiu of the "Good ole' days" thread I thought I would take it upon myself to start a thread for members to post a photo of their spare time activities.

    So if you have a good or interesting photo depicting how you spend your non-work related time and have been looking for an excuse to post it, then shamelessly draw attention to yourself by posting it here!

    I'll start:


    My son at Hope, B.C. airport when we flew there for a picnic last summer.

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  2. In my spare time, I look for strays to adopt:

  3. I started like Krash, but wound up flying these
  4. Well considering I live in Southern CA- in my spare time I think about ways to make my $3300 a month mortgage

    and with the little money left over, I modify the Stang or drink Newcastle beer in celebration because I made the mortgage
  5. between life the stang and the mustang forums i don't have time for anything else.
  6. I used to swing dance all the time (unfortunately, the club I danced with died out so I haven't danced in about 2 years. :()


  7. Shameless you say.............

    After work and the Mustang, come my activities as a volunteer Firefighter-EMT.
    Last March at our installation banquet (as som of you might remember) I received both Firefighter and EMT of the Year, unprecedented in my Dept.'s 105 year history.
    Then in September all of the Firefighters of the Year from the member Dept.s of the Peconic Fire Chief's Council (pretty much the entire east end of L.I.) were honored at another banquet................

    So here's a photo of me receiving my plaque from the PFC's President........:
    And another with my Chief.......:
  8. Oh Cheap One, you ever go on one of L.I.'s lighthouse tours?
  9. Not on Long Island, but I have been in or at every lighthouse on the Jersey shore.
  10. There are something like 8 or 9 historic ones on the east end of L.I., 1/2 dozen or so on the Norh Fork.
  11. Who is Tobi Gooch?
  12. scuba dive


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    and here is a pic the cannibal camp from the yet to be released Pirates of the Carribean part2 movie, some of the filming was done in dominica, and no we did not get to met johnny depp :p

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  13. Me.

    My middle name is Michelle, hence "Chelle"

  14. Stangnet's Own.........


  15. don't forget keeper of the closet key

  16. Dan, how can you say that's not stang related? IIRC a 90 or so 5.0 mustang GT gave it's life so that cobrask8 could live. so it may look like a cobra but the heart of a mustang bets beneath it's fiberglass skin.
  17. Going to Glamis
    and Laughlin