Shameless thread for killing time

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  1. Ooooops! That thump was you Krash? :scratch:
  2. The initial thump wasn't that bad, it was when you backed over me trying to see what you hit!
  3. :shrug: I was just trying to be thorough!
    btw.......what was that "crunch" noise.....the one that had sounded like snap and crackle had crunch in the middle like the 2MFF? :scratch:
  4. 2MFF? Unknown language you are speaking there....
  5. Kalifornia term....

    F -- ng a

    Thank gp001 for term.
  6. Oh, for Gossakes! :rolleyes: Looks like you could "step up" from that stuff to Montezuma tequila or even Kesslers scotch (or anything else you could get at Walgreens for $4USD per bottle!) :puke:
    You get your run time down where it's decent so you can get back here for my Arena Crew; I'll buy you a bottle of Crown -and help you drink it :nice:
    Dude, you keep flashing around pics like the lime-headed cat and our EVIL OVERLORD is gonna be stuffin' your head through the ice in that pond!
    And Trish is gonna hold you under while her Old Man just sits and laughs.

  7. Hey, I thought that was a rather good picture of me drunk!

  8. Too bad you were SOBER!:nonono:
  9. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  10. :hail2:

  11. Welll..... I definately DON'T remember having that picture taken, and I'm too young to be going senile, like some certain other fuzzy members on this board, so I had to be RAGING DRUNK to pull that off.

  12. Like I said....................
  13. Now fuzzy one, stooping to name calling in an edit of my original post is too common for you. I thought old age brought wit as well as wisdom. I onestly expected more out of our resident Big Blue Fuzzy CLOSET mosnter.

  14. It's called "bait"
  15. Baiting the drunk is no fun, especially when the last shot combine JD, JB, and Monte Alban Tequila


    :edited for spelling because I DON'T REMEMBER POSTING IT!:
  16. Kids these days.....:nonono: can't hold their liquor.....:nonono:

  17. sorry *hangs hungover head* not as much fun the second time through:notnice:


    :edit:btw,I can't remember past midnight
  18. OK, a variety of things, mostly undocumented. I used to fight in martial arts tourneys and was kind of a fitness freak, but now that I am creeping towards middle age, I do other stuff.


    I dabble in old radios....


    I mess with old bikes...

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    I mess up my old Maverick...

    and I have dabbled in photography, but I sold all my film gear when digital started coming around. Soon I will afford a Nikon D70. Also did the aquarium thing for the last 30 years, and I have bred and sold discus fish. I am down to two tanks now.

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  19. I've got a bottle of Monte Alban Mezcal con Gusano in my cabinet right now, but it's too harsh for my taste. tastes like an ashtray. I'm gonna give it to my battle from colorado. He's a tequilla man. Although, I got a bottle of Tequilla Rose, and discovered a good way to mix that. one shot TR and a cup of hot chocolate.

    My drinking buddy took all my coco because of that.